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By dave | Broker in Charlotte, NC

5 Things To Consider If You Are Selling Your Charlotte, NC. Home In 2013?

2013 seems to be the year that people are going to say that the housing market climbed out of the hole. So, sellers are preparing for the first time in over six years to sell their homes and might have a slight edge.... But there are things to consider when you decide to sell your Charlotte, NC. based home still.....

First, how you price a house will be a key factor. I was reading an article the other day on CNN money and it was talking about pricing a home. The incredible statistic was that according to their research 75% of homeowners felt the price the Realtor recommended nationally was too low in comparison to what they thought they should get for the house.

I have witnessed that in the Charlotte NC market and have lost listings because other agents are telling them that they can get more than the house is worth. One of two things is happening. They either are not getting an offer on the house or the house is not appraising when it does sell. A home that sits on the market for any extended length of time makes buyers think there are issues with the house besides over pricing of it and can actually cause the house to sell for significantly less than if it were priced right.

I have gone through a spurt recently with listings that were priced correctly getting into multiple offer situations and selling quickly and for more money than the sellers anticipated they would get for the house. Being a few thousand over what it should sell for can be adjusted for based on inflation and lack of inventory right now. Being $15 to $20 thousand over cannot be adjusted.

Second, your home's condition. The market is shifting and sellers are getting more for their homes. But do not under estimate the fact that a buyer is still looking for a good deal. A home that has small repairs that need to be done should get done up front. Fresh paint in a room and carpets that are freshly cleaned can go a long way to helping you sell your home for top dollar and quickly. Fix the things you know are wrong with the house. Buyers today are coming out of this recession as well and do not have the extra money to be spending on repairs after the closing.....

Third, stage your home. One thing i tell every seller to do before they put a house on the market is to declutter it removing oversized furniture and re shuffling furniture around to showcase the space in a room can go a long way to helping get the home sold. There is nothing like walking into a house that is full of stuff. It makes the house look small and dingy and takes away from the value of the home.

Fourth, landscaping. You all have heard the old saying first impressions make lasting impressions. Well the first impression a buyer is going to have of your home is when they pull up to it. That is why curb appeal is so vital for a house. We are in a spring market. Plant colorful flowers or hang flower baskets with bright colorful flowers. Throw some fresh mulch down around the shrubs, cut the grass, clean the yard, power was the house. Make that first impression so outstanding that they cannot wait to get inside of your house.

Fifth and probably the most important one is to make your home accessible to showings. I know in this market that the sellers are trying to dictate some of the ground rules. But truth be told; if I am giving you a couple day’s notice and you decline my showing because it is "not a good time for you"; then i do not feel like you want to sell your home and my client has moved on to the next home.

Dave diCecco
Coldwell Banker United

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