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By dave | Broker in Charlotte, NC

Realtors Getting A Bad Reputation...But I am A Realtor?

Realtors get a bad reputation and a lot of people until they have experienced a home selling or buying process think that has had a few bumps in the road think that Realtors make "easy money". Do you think that your Realtor you worked with earned his/her compensation on that house they helped you find and close on or the home they helped you sell?

Some people think what we do is easy.....In fact until I got into the business I was one of those people. I thought how hard is it to take some pictures of a house put it in the listing service wait for an offer and negotiate it out...Then go find the sellers a home to buy and i get paid to do this...Easy work and easy money. This thinking has led many people to put Realtors on a list with (dare i say it) attorney's. The dreaded list of professions we prefer not to be associated with.

As a Realtor I am more than just that. I am a marketer. I have to use everything I can think of and some ideas from other people to put your home in it's best light in order to maximize the exposure I can get for your house. It is nothing for me to go back to a house two or three times to retake pictures if I feel that they are not appropriate for what I am trying to convey. I also have to come up with a great short synopsis to sum up the key features of the house to attract the internet buyer to want to look at your house and click it on for more information. Then my video ( a rarity in my area) of your home showing and explaining all the features has to be under a certain time frame or it will not load on the sites.... But I am a Realtor.

I have to have some basic knowledge of the law and federal housing rules and regulations which i am governed by. It is not so easy as showing you homes and telling you that you should not live here or you should live there because of X, Y, AND Z. That violates Fair Housing...but as your agent I have a duty and an obligation to provide you with the best representation possible. I have to learn how to delicately balance the tight wire between what is a fair Housing violation and what is not. Or in layman's terms; what is ethical and not ethical. But I am a Realtor.....

I have to spend countless hours searching and honing down searches for you to find that perfect house and then take you out to show you the different homes and point out things you might not have noticed with the house or the layout that i have learned about you in our fact finding mission to help you find the right house....But I am a Realtor....

Once the offer is accepted I help you schedule the closing, home inspection, show up for the 3 to 4 hour home inspection and see what is wrong with the house so I can best represent you in negotiating the repairs, coordinate with the attorney and get the necessary HOA documents and make sure the house survey is done and the home is not encroaching or having anyone encroaching on your property....But I am a Realtor.....

As a Realtor there is other items that come up along the way as well to help keep transactions together that most people do not see.....But I am a Realtor.....

As a Realtor I never realized how much work was actually involved in a home selling or purchasing or both transaction. And since I am from an old school mentality I believe in handling the situation from beginning to the end myself without having other people get involved if I can help it.... A home purchase is the largest single transaction a person or family is going to make in their lifetime. They have trusted that purchase and sale to me and I feel an obligation to be there with them throughout the whole transaction to the end.....because I am a Realtor.

Dave diCecco
Coldwell Banker United
Cell: 704-519-7895


By Marcy Kelley,  Mon Mar 25 2013, 13:20
Well said David. We earn every penny we make.
Marcy Kelley, Broker/Realtor
Coldwell Banker United, Realtors
By J,  Thu Jul 18 2013, 11:07
Hi Dave. Unfortunately, working in a career where nearly anyone who can pass the NC exam can practice selling and buying real estate with the general public regardless of education and experience level does continue to hinder the industry. I worked in commercial/residential real estate in the banking industry for twenty years before becoming a broker. Unfortunately, I've run in to issues with the uneducated agents who are not advanced negotiators and don't understand the contracts and actually unintentionally sabotage deals for their clients. Working with seasoned and experienced agents are a true blessing. Those deals close on time and without headaches on either side. These are absolutely win/win situations for all involved. Thanks for the post!
By J,  Thu Jul 18 2013, 11:10
Having issues while working with buyers may be a result of the information the general public is getting from the industry. I feel your pain!

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