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By dave | Broker in Charlotte, NC

Why You Need A Realtor to Sell Your Home

  In this economy many homeowners are looking for ways to minimize their expenses when they sell a home.  A popular mechanism for that is For Sale By Owner (or more commonly known as FSBO).  Despite facts that show these people tend to gravitate to a Realtor (approximately 80%) to help them sell their house....homeowners still hold faith that they can do what we have studies showing the percentage being as low as 3% do...SELL HOMES.

  There are a few sites out there for people looking to sell their home on their own. www.forsalebyowner.com is the largest site. The founder  preaches that you do not need a Realtor to sell your home has made millions off that promise.  He preaches save the commission and sell it on your own you will make more money.  For a nominal fee he will help you get your home sold for top dollar and you will save the commission on his website.

Ironically,  the same person who made his millions telling people to NOT use a Realtor....went the to a full service broker (a full broker is one that gives you all the services) to get his 2.0 million apartment in Chelsea sold.

Not only did a full service Realtor sell his home...but got him more than he was asking selling it himself. A person who has made his livelihood telling other people you do not need a Realtor to sell a house had to use the services of a Realtor to get his apartment in New York sold.....

This is why over 95% of all real estate transactions in the United States are conducted through a Realtor.  Even the original founder of www.forsalebyowner.com went to a Realtor and paid a full commission to sell his private home.

Are you looking to sell your home on your own?  Trying to sell your home on your own now?  Call a Realtor.  The owner of the number one for sale by owner company did.... and got his home SOLD.....

Click here for the link to the article about his apartment being sold.

Dave dicecco
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