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By CYNTHIA SYVERSON | Agent in Jacksonville, FL

Does it bother you if your agent is not "full time?"

Do you want an agent who is full time or part time?    I am a full time agent with a part time job that pays steadily for medical insurance for my son and myself, for vacations and allows me to travel the globe freely. All I have to do is be gone a total of four days a month and six nights. I am in touch with my customers when I land and before I take off. I guess from this, you can tell I am a Flight Attendant besides being a Real Estate Consultant.

How many people out in the U.S. aren't working two jobs these days. I wish I didn't have to work both, but utility costs no longer fixed or stable, I am like many others who are essentially working a second job to pay the electric bill. I believe one day, paying the electric will be the same price as the mortgage. It is unwieldy and shocking to get a bill every month which is about now half of my mortgage payment.

In the Florida Times Union, our local newspaper, Mark Woods wrote a column a little bit about my life and why I am doing two jobs. The link is below.


I know someone at Keller Williams Jacksonville who sells Life Insurance. He builds his client base through this. I have many, many flight attendants and pilots on my Circle of Influence. I am always bringing up the real estate market when I travel.

However, when I meet customers in Jacksonville, I hold off for quite a while in telling them I still work as a Flight Attendant. I sometimes never tell them. Only if I become friends or as in the case of some customers originally from India, I find a way of bringing it up because I may have come straight from Bombay that morning.

I love both jobs. I would rather do Real Estate and would prefer to stay home all month. But the benefits far outweigh quitting completely so I continue my four days a month in order to get five weeks of paid vacation and insurance. After all, we all deserve days off in a month and I am simply doing what many Americans have to do these days.


By Tom Matthews & Joanne Taranto,  Wed Sep 7 2011, 10:42

I do believe you are a full time agent, and my issue is with agents that work a 40 hour a week job and sell real estate nights and weekends. Those are the agents that call us full timers at 8:30 at night and make costly mistakes. Best with you fall market.
By Kevin Olson and Jessica Laude,  Wed Sep 7 2011, 10:51
Can you tell me the advantages of using a part time agent? For the seller and/or buyer?

Posting some of the advantages might help debunk the book of reasons on why not to use a part time agent.

Ultimately this situation normally boils down to an agent needing a second job because money is tight, and then justifying having another job and covering it with "I use it to generate leads" or something similar. Insurance for independent contractors is high, yet so many agents make enough to pay that by selling homes instead of finding another job.
By Erika Wong,  Wed Sep 7 2011, 10:53
This is so true, we currently go thru the same situation as you, so we understand completely the feeling. We are all hopeful that things will improve soon :)
By Allan Erps,  Wed Sep 7 2011, 15:44
I served a government job for 31 years Fulltime(retired) & for 1/3 of that time have been a Real Estate Agent. My manager used to say I had 2 Full Time jobs! Working hard and taking care of your clients is of the utmost importance. To my knowledge I never lost a viable client as a result. I have been in the top 5-10 in my office of 65+ Agents every year. Will say that I did rely on one of my fellow Agents for assistance at times and shared a few clients as well when situation dicatated it. It can be done if you put the effort into it.
By Annette Lawrence,  Thu Sep 8 2011, 05:40
80% of the time ordinary is all that is needed. The process is uneventful. Anyone could do it.
The other 20% fall off the ordinary wagon when a hurricane approaches, water intrusion from faulty chimney flashing is discovered, lender suddenly discovers defaulted loan the day before, can't pass wind mitigation inspection, or a squatter is discovered in the detached cottage. It is this 20% that the part-timer places at risk, However, it seems, if you have a government job, no problem. ;)

Read my 'hero' blog for a little ditty about what can happen, then imagine what would have happened if other obligations usurped my obligation to this first time home buyer.

Annette Lawrence
ReMax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
727. 420. 4041
By Rick Jackson,  Thu Sep 8 2011, 07:47
Your doing just fine Cynthia. There aren't many full time buyers anyway. I'm sure you have someone to help out with your listings when your away. I went to work for a while and picked up about 4 buyers in the first month through the business where I worked. I'm thinking about doing it again. Let your circumstances work to your advantage and be thankful for your benefits.
By Scott Hulen,  Fri Sep 9 2011, 04:40
I’m responding about my marketplace in regard to this question. In the Kansas City area about 80% of agents are part time, we have one brokerage which specializes in part time agents, has several thousand agents which average about 2 transactions per year per agent. These part time agents although licensed are not the best agents to represent a consumer in negotiating the biggest transaction of their life. What this does to the market place is to dilute a finite pool of both buyers and sellers. I have a huge problem with most part time agents, I can usually tell the part timers who have full time jobs because their clients are calling me for information, the title company is calling me for information, their broker is calling me for information, the loan company is calling for information ect… When they return calls it’s usually after all the professionals have left for the day. Having gone off on my rant there are part time agents who succeed in our market place and turn 12 plus transactions per year. Many of these agents work part time jobs such as bartenders at night, part time office staff 4 hours per day, property managers with flexible schedules and other flexible jobs. The real key is can they conduct business during the business day and can they answer their phone and return calls and messages in less than 4 hours.
By CYNTHIA SYVERSON,  Fri Sep 9 2011, 05:14
This blog actually got quite a few responses and mostly positive about having two jobs. I believe it is a reality for most Americans that we have to earn income in a variety of ways. One of the most fascinating second jobs I heard recently by a Flight Attendant ,was raising giant clams for export to China. They take 3-5 years to grow and are considered a delicacy. I can't remember the name but the clam is huge like maybe a foot long. And anything we can export to China, well I take my hat off to that! Thanks for reading and responding!!
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