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Making Your Home A Haven

"Doodling is thinking in disguise."

By Cristine L Masson | Agent in 85331

What are the messages your home is sending out to you?

6 Easy Steps to a More Clutter-Free Life

"How we care for our home is a subtle but significant expression of self-esteem."
—Gunilla Norris

What are the messages your home is sending out to you? Are you receiving peaceful or chaotic vibes? You must realize that your home is revealing your life story and can either facilitate your growth or stunt it. As you know, clutter shrinks your personal and professional energy, binding you to "things" rather than allowing your energy to skyrocket. By the end of the first week you will find that all that ‘stuff’ has really been weighing you down and how little you will miss most of it.

Imagine you are the driver in the front car of a train. You are going from New York to California to follow your dream of living by the beach. Your plan is to get to Los Angeles in three days, but at every stop, you pick up dozens of freight cars that attach onto your back. Your speed becomes slower and slower. You suddenly realize that you have accumulated five miles of cargo behind you. Do you think you'll get to California in the same amount of time as originally planned? Are you lagging and more likely to get bogged down with engine problems?

Here's the message. Keeping your clutter is like carrying miles of freight energy on your back. It blocks you from stretching your wings and flying towards your successful destiny.

Trying to figure out how to free up the clutter causing stress in your life?  Working one room at a time , set a timer (this gives you ‘permission’ to stop at the end of a predetermined time or reset to a new stopping point), and put on a great audio book or a friend with a good glass of wine will all make the job less daunting.

It’s important to begin clearing clutter today. Try to look beyond the clutter and visualize how you will feel when your home and mind are clean. Start with the baby steps listed below. If you find your momentum, don't stop. Clearing clutter is your ticket to happiness, success, productivity and a beautiful home!

1.      In general, quickly recycle junk mail as well as old newspapers and magazines. If there are articles you want to keep, cut them out and put them in a special box. When it is full take a few moments at the end of each week to reduce.

2.      In the bedroom, clear clutter from underneath your bed. Go through your closet and let go of old and unworn clothes, shoes, belts, hats and scarves. They can be given to a charitable organization or friends. Remove photos or mementos from people that drain your energy. Wash your drapes and bedding.

3.      In the living room, go through your bookcase and give away half-read books that you never intend to read again. You can keep books you love, refer to, have sentimental value and move you forward towards your goals. Let go of books that no longer serve you (i.e. books from a past career, from college or an outgrown hobby) and donate them to a local library. Clear your bookshelves to open the door for new interests. Buy a couple books that move you in your desired direction. Repeat this with your CDs, DVD's and photos. Excessive amounts of freebies, such as all those pens you’ve collected are great things to give away, and the ones you want to keep put in a silverware organizer so they are easy to get to and only the ones that will fit in are kept.

4.      Vertical surfaces attract piles, cleared surfaces attract smiles! De-clutter your coffee table and mantel. Take everything off and then only put back the objects you need, use or love. Beauty and organization is the key.  Get a decorative box to place your remote controls!  Instead, place a favorite book with a beautiful picture on the cover.  It’s a good conversation piece.

5.      Re-access your collections. Group like items together so you can truly see all of an item that you have (e.g. Vases).  Can you downsize? You may want to give a few away or sell them on the Internet. Making space and some money for new hobbies and interests. If parting with particular items is stressful, try putting them in a closed box for a trial separation. Label it and put the date on the bin; a year from now, if you haven’t used anything in the box, donate it without even opening it.

6.       Dust, vacuum and clean your windows. Open the windows and let fresh air inside. Invite the fresh energy of spring to flow into your life!

Maintaining a clutter-free life gets easier as you establish new habits. Avoid the urge to buy more stuff; as time goes on, you’ll find its second nature to ask, “Do I really need this?” Need to let go of some belongings? Here’s inspiration from architect Sarah Susanka, bestselling author of The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live (Taunton, 2001). “We are all hunting for more meaning in our lives. And the way that we do that is extremely ineffective. We buy more and more stuff, believing that the stuff is going to give us that feeling of satisfaction. There’s always this longing for something we don’t have. We end up in this cycle of accumulation of things that are supposed to make us feel better, but with multiplicity, we end up overwhelmed and incredibly dissatisfied––overwhelmed with what was supposed to be this life-enhancing thing that has become this albatross. And the more we have the more of an albatross it is.  What we really want is meaning. And we can’t get meaning with stuff. In the same way stuff is a surrogate for meaning, a bigger and bigger house is what we think is going to make us feel at home. In fact, it has the opposite effect. An awful lot of the stuff we have—and I’m not talking about one or two things, I’m talking about 50 percent—we literally never use and are never planning to use again, but can’t let go of. They are basically objects in which we’ve invested dreams that didn’t happen. It’s very difficult to let go of the dreams, even though we know that they didn’t actually bring us the satisfaction we were hoping for. What I recommend is: Get a self-storage unit. Give yourself a year. Take the things that you are not using right now and know that if you really miss something, you can go get it. And then after the end of that year, see if you actually even remember what is in that storage unit. If you don’t, that’s The Stuff—you need to have a big garage sale or estate sale.” 


By Endre Barath,Jr.,  Wed Feb 1 2012, 16:22
Christinw what great advice, I find it is easier said than done. My other half is the "throw away queen" I on the other hand am a "pack rat" so the house is clutter free, but my Home-Office is not:)
By Cristine L Masson,  Wed Feb 1 2012, 16:36
I am so understanding of that we all have our 'stuff' that we can't get rid of :) but by setting a small goal (even if it is just a drawer LOL) grab a beer , play some tunes that you enjoy and really set a time limit and just be firm stay with it until that time is up . For some of us seeing is a way of organizing ,,,, perhaps that is you? Try getting rubbermaid bins and a label maker , by putting like items in a bin and labeling it you can later go back through to unpackrat some items you didn't feel you could part with before. EX instead of the whole magazine , keep only the one article you really need (check online alot of stuff is there now so you can bookmark it and get rid of the entire magazine ! (donate to dentist , doctors offices , or even auto shop) Let me know if that works.

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