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United First Financial

October 21, 2009


I just read your posting about United First Financial (aka U-First).  I cannot believe you would consider it to be a scam and you have not doe due diligence concerning the company.  I got involved with the company AFTER I did my due diligence and watched the video presentation.  I also viewed on YOUTUBE where a television station reporter did his due diligence and reported that he is paying off his home at an accelerated rate.  This is what the program is designed to do!

Seems the trouble lies in the fact that many people get the program, consolidate all their bills (car payments, credit cards, etc.) and then they go out and make more credit purchases, like furniture, vacations, and cars,  thus negating the entire U-First process.

In Australia, they banks (mortgage companies) automatically set up the same type accounts AUTOMATICALLY for the lenders at the time of purchase.  These accounts are called "SIDE ACCOUNTS".  In Great Britain, they have the same time account, done for the lender at the same time.  These are called "ONE ACCOUNTS."  So as usual, the United States is running about 60 years behind the rest of the civilized world.  Oh yes, why do you thing that U-First set up the marketing system as a MLM?  BECAUSE THEY WANT THE SELLER TO USE THE PRODUCT AND THEN SHARE IT WITH ANOTHER PERSON THAT WAS THERE IS FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE THE PROGRAM WORKS.

For the uneducated consumer who thinks that all MLMs are pyramid schemes, may I suggest more education on what a pyramid scheme really is.... it a company where the person at the bottom makes no money, all the money flows to the top, and when the last investor comes in and there are no more investors, the system collapses.  THIS IS NOT TRUE with today's MLMs.  In today's MLMs, a person can make as much money as they are willing to get and WORK FOR (yes, I did use the "W" word).  Their sponsor does not hinder a person in a MLM.  Bottom investors do not hinder a MLM worker. In a MLM, you are NOT DOWNSIZED OUT OF JOB.  YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR RETIREMENT.  YOU ARE NOT PLACED ON A PAYCUT DUE TO A RECESSION.  MANAGEMENT DOES NOT PUT YOU ON A PAYCUT DUE TO STUPID DECISIONS LIKE HAS HAPPED TO ME AS A CAPTAIN WITH USAIRWAYS.

IF MLMS WERE SO BAD, WHY HAS WARREN BUFFET STARTED HIS, AS WELL AS HALLMARK GREETING CARDS, Donald Trump and more?  Did you know that the telephone company US Sprint (aka SPRINT) started as a MLM and people are still making royalties from their customers????

The one good thing about a MLM is that you have hundreds of people on your team helping you make money and you can move up at anytime based upon your own efforts, not due to some evaluation by some boss or supervisor who may or may not like you.  You do not have to wait for some one to retire, die or get fired before you move up.

In closing some of the best products in the United States have come from MLM companies such as Avon, Amway, Mannatech, Shaklee, US Sprint and more.

REALLY DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!!!!!  It is better to for one to keep his/her mouth and let people think they are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at crd5819@aol.com.

(USAIRWAYS CAPTAIN on a 40% pay cut after 25 years of service, who has lost hundreds of numbers in seniority due to multiple airline mergers and has lost his retirement to keep the airline afloat after two bankruptcies)

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