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By Christian Panin | Agent in Venice, FL

Shark Tooth Hunting At Caspersen Beach Venice, FL

Venice is comprised primarily of 5 major beaches- Venice Beach, Nokomis Beach, North Jetty Beach, Brohard Beach, and Caspersen Beach. These beaches are the best places on the planet to dig for petrified shark’s teeth. For like, I don't know....EVER, sharks have been dying in the Gulf of Mexico. Their bodies sink to the ocean floor and are covered by layers of sand and silt where they decompose and only their teeth and jaws are left behind. It is said that, long ago, most of south Florida was under water. Because the Venice area waters are much calmer than other areas, the shark teeth have been able to remain in place rather than being swept out to sea. Now a days, Venice beaches have been coined with the title, "The Shark Tooth Capital of The World." A reputation well deserved! Since a single Tiger shark can produce as many as 24,000 teeth in ten years, that means literally billions of teeth have been deposited in the Gulf. These shark teeth range in size from one-eighth inch long to an incredible three inches long and represent at least ten different species, several of which are said to be extinct.

My favorite of all these beaches is Caspersen. My family and I have been to this beach many times, and we never leave empty handed. Sometimes all it takes is to simply walk along the beach and look down. Caspersen Beach is a private, unspoiled piece of paradise just a couple of miles south of Venice Beach, on the island of Venice. On any given day, you will no doubt see people digging in the sand with long-handled steel sieves, hoping with each basketful to discover a prize fossil. Shark tooth hunting is very relaxing, and at Caspersen, usually successful. But, it is not the only thing to do. Caspersen is also a great family place to relax and sun bathe, fish, or go snorkeling. There are several rock jetties that protrude from the coast. Along these jetties my son and I will often snorkel to find crab and many really cool fish. At times, we will find ourselves swimming among a huge school of fish, and sometimes, if we get lucky, we might even see a dolphin or two that have decided to push these massive schools of thousands of fish toward the shore to trap them for a little din-din.

Caspersen is also a very safe and family friendly beach. It is very clean and conveniently has new showers and bathroom facilities. Excellent for us dads that don't appreciate the kids dragging tons of sand into our cars. There is also free parking and easy access to the beach through new walkways, so you don't have to drag everything through the sand for miles.Although at times, to get a private spot, you might have to walk a bit. For me, it's worth it.

So, to sum it up, if you like a more natural beach, without the worry of unsavory characters, love snorkeling, building sand castles, or sifting for the legendary shark tooth fossil, then Caspersen Beach is the place for you!

And...after a great day in the sun, don't forget to stop by Sharky's on the Pier for dinner and drinks. Whether you decide to sit outside and watch the sunset, or you've had enough sun and need to cool down, Sharky's is the place. After sunset, check out the pier where you might find a local fisherman has just caught a hammerhead shark...it's been known to happen.
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