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By Carol Zingone | Agent in Jacksonville, FL

GatherGoGet.Com - New Requirements for Florida Driver's Licenses & ID Cards

I know this may have changed some time ago, but I was just in our local tag office today, about to renew my tag, and the number of people who were unaware outweighed those in the know.

With that, here's what you'll need:

Identification - Bring 1 of the following:

  • Certified US Birth Certificate
  • Valid US Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Consular Proof of Birth Abroad
  • Alien Registration Receipt Card (green card, form 1-551)

Name Change (if applicable)

  • Original or certified copy of all marriage certificates or court orders that show your name change(s). Uncertified photocopies are not valid).

Social Security - Bring 1 of the following:

  • Social Security Card
  • W-2 Form
  • Pay check showing number
  • Any 1099 Form

Residential Address (NO PO BOXES!) Bring 2 of the following:

  • Deed, mortgage, payment booklet or rental agreement
  • Florida vehicle registration or title
  • Utility bill or hookup work/order
  • Statement from person you live with along with two address documents in that persons' name.

You can visit this website for more info and your own personalized checklist:


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By Frank,  Fri Feb 17 2012, 06:56
I was born in 1955 and have original birth cert., someone said i have to get a new one to get Florida drivers Lic. Is that true.
By Carol Zingone,  Sun Feb 19 2012, 13:24
Frank, That does not sound right to me, but it might be worth a visit to the website and/or a call to your local DMV to see if you should need another one. Good luck!
By Joe,  Thu Apr 5 2012, 07:31
By Carol Zingone,  Thu Apr 5 2012, 10:40
Joe, I really can't answer that. You can call and ask them. If you have to, you can purchase certified copies of birth certificates online, I had to do that myself.
By Becky Morris,  Thu Apr 5 2012, 11:12
Frank, is yours issued by the hospital or the state? I know Georgia won't accept hospital issued birth certificates. If you have a hospital issued birth certificate you'll more than likely need to request copy of state issued birth certificate from the state's vital records.
By Donna,  Mon Apr 30 2012, 06:13
Do not have original marriage lic.lost it been married 50 + years.have all other req. papers is that good enough ?l
By Carol Zingone,  Mon Apr 30 2012, 06:25
Donna, I would recommend you call first; you may well have to get a duplicate marriage license......I would hate for your to waste your time once you get down there...
By Emily,  Mon Apr 30 2012, 11:34
You have a complete listing of documents needed to renew a driver's license. However, nowhere do I see the length of time it will be renewed, the cost to do so, and whether or not it must be a cash transaction only. I assume I can make an appointment to handle this renewal. Please advise.
By Carol Zingone,  Tue May 1 2012, 04:43
Emily - I posted this information to help guide people prior to renewing their driver's licenses; for more information, I would recommend contacting your local DMV who will be able to help you with timing, cost, and setting up appointments.
By Bigfoot69,  Sat May 5 2012, 08:33
cannot find birth certificate what now,, please advise, have had to cancle 2 appointments already, i'm in the 80+ group,
By Daughter-in-law,  Tue May 22 2012, 09:56
My mother-in-law died April 11. I received a renewal notice. Do I need to contact someone of her death?
By Cecilia,  Sun Jul 29 2012, 11:18
My husband isn't driving any longer and is in a wheelchair. We will be flying August 9th . I have his original birth certificate, born 1924, I have his social security card., also I have 2 address documents in my name where my husband lives with me. Would that be sufficient for him?
By Carol Zingone,  Wed Aug 1 2012, 13:05
Cecilia, I can't answer that...your best bet is to call your local DMV to see if they offer a resident ID option. Or, does your husband have a current passport? That would be a workaround for flying.
By hmccauley,  Wed Nov 6 2013, 12:17
I have been married two times. My first husband died. My present license is issued to my present name. Do I still need to have each marriage certificate to renew my license? Marie
By Carol Zingone,  Fri Nov 8 2013, 08:10
Marie - I do not know the answer to that question. I would think the death certificate for the husband who passed may be the document you need.
By Margie S. Gulan,  Mon Dec 2 2013, 14:40
I think that for me to have to have my marriage certificate AND divorce certificate totally discriminatory because I am a woman. Why don't males have to provide this. Really, my marriage certificate??? I'm no longer married for pete sake! I'm seeing a lawyer and I am glad mine doesn't expire for a year. Gives me time to file in court.
By Carol Zingone,  Mon Dec 2 2013, 14:58
Margaret, I totally understand. I changed my bank because they would not accept my passport with my maiden name. I proved to the US Government who I was. They would not change my name without the divorce papers. Insanity.
By Margie S. Gulan,  Mon Dec 2 2013, 16:50
Okay Carol, let me ask you this. I show them my marriage certificate, but why do I also have to show them my divorce certificate (papers)? I did not change my name back when I got the divorce so why do I have to provide that? Seems like government intrusion to me (just saying). *Sigh. And furthermore, if I had to show them my marriage certificate when I did get married (to change my drivers license), why do I have to show them again? Can't I just show them one of those documents?
By Carol Zingone,  Mon Dec 2 2013, 19:08
Margie, I would recommend calling your DMV to explain & ask that specific question so you only gather the documents you need. If there was no name change, it would seem you would not need, however, my goal in posting this info was to help people be the best prepared they can be in advance,
By watersshant3,  Tue Dec 3 2013, 14:32
I have been married twie . do I need both marrige certificate
By watersshant3,  Tue Dec 3 2013, 14:34
By Carol Zingone,  Tue Dec 3 2013, 17:28
Watersshant3, I can only tell you that if your name changed twice, I think you will need both marriage certificates, as well as proof of divorce or other ending to prove. I would advise you call the DMV and ask that specific question so you know what you need to bring. Hope this helps.
By Jules.fritz53,  Thu Jan 30 2014, 11:34
Son just moved to Florida 4 days ago. He has lived all his life in Germany. He is American born in a US military hospital in Berlin, Germany. He has a valid without photo driver's license from Kentucky since he can't come personally to the states to renew it all the time since we live on a US military base here in Germany. He brought his original social security card and US passport to try to get his license but was told he would need his original birth certificate. I thought your US passport was proof of US citizenship?
By prin215,  Sun Feb 9 2014, 15:40
By Prin215, Sun Feb 9, 2014, 6:34 p.m.

Would you need the same documents if you apply for it online?
By darmo1966@hotmail.com,  Mon Jun 2 2014, 12:29
Hi Mrs. Zingone,I am taking my daughter who is 16 yrs old to the dmv on Monday to take her driving test.What are the requirements I need to take...Thanks Mr.Low.
By darmo1966@hotmail.com,  Mon Jun 2 2014, 14:26
Hi Mrs. Zingone,I am taking my daughter who is 16 yrs old to the dmv on Monday to take her driving test.What are the requirements I need to take...Thanks Mr.Low.
By silvia65,  Fri Aug 22 2014, 09:01
hola Carol, yo llegue a los Estados Unidos hace solo 4 meses por Reclamacion de visa Fiance de un Ciudadano Americano los documentos que tengo en mi poder son Seguro Social y Permiso de trabajo, fui a sus oficinas y se me dijo que solo hasta que tuviera la Residencia es que se me podia otorgar la Licencia de Conduccion, le pregunto a usted sin con las nuevos requerimeientos pudiera con los documentos que tengo obtener mi licencia de conducccion

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