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Bridgewater Commons Mall- Great shopping near your condo

As a resident of Bridgewater whenever I mention to someone I live here they say, “Oh I know where that is, it’s by the mall right?” If you’ve been to Bridgewater Commons then you understand why people from all around the state know of it. It’s a huge mall with every store you can imagine. I personally LOVE the Chipotle and you can find me there on many nights.

Wikipedia has to say about the store selection:

“The mall has a variety of stores covering three floors. In the early years of the mall, they marketed on the fact that they have three floors and leased space in the mall by theming the floors. The bottom floor was known as the “Commons Collection” and had the more exclusive/upscale stores. The middle floor was known as the “Promenade” and was themed to have stores that sold family related items and gifts. The top floor was known as “The Campus Level” and contained shops that were marketed toward the younger, 15-21 set. The food court called “Picnic on the Green” was also located on this floor. Neon signs displayed the floor names on the Campus level and have since been removed during the construction. Signs and lighting displaying the names “Promenade” and “Commons Collection” still exist but are not as prominent as they once were. In recent years, there has been a noticeable upscale trend as shown by the opening of new stores such as Pottery Barn, J.Crew and Apple.”

What does this mean to you and your property search? It’s just another perk on the list of perks you receive when you move to wonderful Bridgewater NJ.  It’s always great to get excited about where you live and having the Commons mall so close gets a ton of people excited. If you’re selling your condo then this is a major point to make to your potential buyers because it will set your house apart.

For more information on the mall visit:


Have a great day and happy shopping!


By Jeanne Feenick (908) 337-0943,  Wed Jan 20 2010, 05:13
I would also add that the proximity to Wegmans adds to the attraction of the area - and with a large Home Depot and other services in Bridgewater Center this area does have much to offer.

As a personal aside, did you know that Wegman's reliably has the lowest price on milk? Who knew??
By N/A,  Wed Jan 20 2010, 05:26
It has the best price on milk and I feel their bread is equally as affordable. Check out my Blog post titled
Wegmans = The Game Changer. Thanks for the post!
By Jeanne Feenick (908) 337-0943,  Mon Jun 28 2010, 20:10
Love, love, LOVE Wegman's. Just commented on your "Game Changer" post. What a great store. I think I'll go there tomorrow.

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