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By William Smith | Agent in 92646

Bottled Water And Real Estate? What Are You Talking About?

Ok, let's have a little fun: Imagine there is a shortage of 1 liter water bottles. You really want a 1 liter of bottled water, so off you go to the market. When you get to the bottled water isle, there is only one bottle left. That sounds ok, right? Wrong! There are 30 other customers arguing over who gets that bottle of water! The store manager sees what's going on, and decides to make some extra money. He sets up a blind auction and everyone bids. The high bidder wins. They pay $5 dollars for a $2 dollar bottle of water, and go home happy. The other 29 customers are mad at the market, and themselves for not offering more money. Every day, week, month, the story repeats itself. Customers get frustrated and start buying 12 ounce bottles of water. Why? Because they still want water, and are discouraged enough to settle for less. That sure sounds like Real Estate! Clients get upset, discouraged, and some even give up their home search. They quit communicating with their agent, maybe even blame the agent. Sometimes it can be the agent didn't explain the current market conditions early in their relationship, or fails to stay in touch. Other times, the client doesn't listen to their agent, and think they know more than their agent. The agent is thinking: my client doesn't realize how much work I do that my client doesn't know about. My advice to all parties is to communicate, ask questions that are concerning you, and make adjustments as needed. Communication builds trust, and a top agent tries to build relationships in that way. If you know of anyone wanting to buy or sell a home, please mention me. Have a fun, productive day.

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