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By Andrea Geller | Broker in Chicago, IL

Agents: Stop Spamming Agents

Originally posted on the Chicago Association of Realtors Blog

According to the latest reports, social media has became bigger than e-mail. That got me to thinking about where we are as an industry. As usual, miles behind. I think many agents, and some brokers, missed the webinar that explained, to effectively use e-mail as a means of marketing your listings, or as a recruiting tool, it is called drip campaigns, not spam campaigns.

I conducted an an informal survey on Twitter and Facebook. The majority of readers responded no to reading the e-mails sent about listings. Several said they unsubscribe, a few said they read them if based on the address and only one person said an unqualifying yes.

I have used e-mails on occasion. I try to follow the guidelines suggested by the pros. Don't send listing emails often, and only if it is "newsworthy". Huge price reductions, something out of the ordinary new listing or a special brokers open event.

When I receive e-flyers on listings I usually ignore them unless something catches my eye in the headline. If I see a sender e-mail too much out then, I unsubscribe. I am not sure what unsubscribe means because it stops for a while and then I start to get them again from the same agents. I think someone told these agents Tuesday is a good day to spam out other agents with all their listings. I kind of understand the Fridays for open houses. What I don't get is, that if your office is e-mailing out a list to the broker community, why you have send an individual e-mail on each listing.

What I find interesting, is that the agents who are spamming listings are not engaged in the social networking community, which has surpassed e-mail as our means of communicating. This only goes to prove the point: you spammers are still not effectively marketing yourself or your listings, so you are probably not seeing this blog post!

Real estate community: What are your thoughts?


By Mel Wagner, Principal Broker, ePRO,  Mon Aug 24 2009, 22:11
Andrea, I very rarely read the email flyers either. Also, if they send them to my "CB" account it fills up my mailbox, and then clients trying to email me end up having their emails bounce back. I encourage all of my clients to use my home office email address because of this.
By Andrea Geller,  Tue Aug 25 2009, 04:38
The email services buy the lists so they are typically your companies email address. If you don't read them why should they be sent to begin with? Are they effective agent to agent marketing?
By Eric Marcus (773) 244-1110,  Thu Sep 10 2009, 13:40
Andrea, I do use email flyers to send out my listings but I target them to agents in/around the zip codes of the properties. I get about a 10-15% click rate when I send which includes my sphere and my agent contacts. Its just one tool in the marketing that I do for listings. So if I send out a flyer to 3,000 people I get about 300-450 to click on it. Hopefully that translates into some substantial exposure that I could not get without a great time, expense and wasted paper through the US mail.

What cracks me up (I wrote a blog about this a few months ago) is the eflyers I get with headlines like "OPEN HOUSE!" and "MUST SEE!" with no other info in the headline. Like its so rare for an open house somewhere in Chicagoland.
By Alan Grizzle,  Tue Sep 15 2009, 17:41
We agents have the MLS. When I search for a property for a buyer I go to the MLS not a stack of flyers. Who has time to search through countless email information sheets?
By Joseph Beauvais,  Tue Sep 15 2009, 19:45
When an agent sends me infomation about a listing that is in the MLS. That is spam and his or her email is now blocked. Unfortunately if they need to email me in the future, it is trashed.
What are you thinking? If I have one or ten or no buyers do you think that will make me show your property. NO!
All it is, for the agent, is a listing tool. I send your property to 500 agents if you list with me or if you lower your price. Just lie and don't do it. It is a lie anyway that it helps the seller.
We are exclusive buyers agents. If it does not help us how can it help other listing agents.
Please find another gimic like pricing it right or paying at least 3% to the selling agent. That is you best tools. sell that to the seller. It is the only truth..
By Fred Griffin,  Tue Sep 15 2009, 20:09
Andrea, what a great Blog topic.

It grieves me to have to "Mark as Spam" or "Block Sender" emails from certain real estate agents who insist on emailing me every new listing, every update, every open house, every price reduction, every status change.

[ Unlike Eric Marcus, this is not "targeted email" - it is any listing within a five or six county area ]

Our MLS has an Update Window that notifies us instantly of new listings, price changes, open houses, even Realtor Luncheons. There is no need for the spam emails.

Best wishes,
Fred Griffin
By Deborah Donovan,  Tue Sep 15 2009, 20:55
Email is mostly dead as a means of communicating with others. E-blasts lost their luster for me a long time ago as I realized that most often I hit delete, unsubscribe, or change the preference to an email account specified for that purpose. I prefer to use more targeted email marketing to specific agents. I might send an email to agents on my reverse prospecting list or the top 25 selling agents in the area of my listing or agents I've done business with in the past. I ususally include a link to an unbranded interactive floor plan and an invitation to an agent open house. I always include the reason they are receiveing the email in the body such as "as a top selling agent in (insert area here) I wanted to let you know about this...." If I can follow up with a phone call, I do.
By HardinHomes.com Team,  Wed Sep 16 2009, 20:48
Add me to the list of agents who hate these spam emails. The problem with clicking spam/junk is when he/she emails you an offer, you won't get it.
By Maureen McCabe,  Thu Sep 24 2009, 07:17
I don't read the email flyers. I have not for years.

I am now amazed at the new spammy uses of the NAR LinkedIn group... I hope the people who are still espamming me are about 5 years away from embracing spam via social media.
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