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By Adrian Willanger | Managing Broker in Shoreline, WA

Selling Your Home - Taking a Look at Your Front Door

After your homebuyers have driven up to your driveway and have taken a look at your yard, the first entrance point to the home is going to be your front door. When selling your Seattle home you’ll need to make sure that your front door is in shape. While this is usually the case and your front door is probably okay, give it a quick inspection. There may be some bits of paint missing, some dents in the door or other things that can be repaired very quickly.

The next thing to look at is your front hallway. The entranceway is the part of the home that is going to welcome your visitors. It is a usually a small enclosure so anything that doesn’t look right will stand out like a sore thumb in this part of the home. When you’re selling your Seattle home put extra attention on this area.

You’ll notice that when people walk into your Seattle home they will take a good look at your entranceway and in many cases inspect it more than they will other rooms. It will be the place where they have to spend a few minutes to take their boots or shoes off and their eyes will be roaming while they are doing so.

Make sure that there is nothing on the floor and give it a cleaning. If you have too many things scattered around you can pick up some cheap shelving units at your local department store and a reasonably priced coat rack. If worse comes to worse, you can also just purchase plastic containers with a lid, load up some boots and shoes in them and place these containers neatly in the closet. As long as the closet looks neat and tidy, there’s nothing wrong with doing that at all.

You might want to assign one box for miscellaneous items such as suntan lotion, umbrellas, shoehorns and anything else that tends to collect near the front door. It will turn out to be a great place for people to put things when they otherwise would have just thrown them helter-skelter into the closet.

Take a look at your home as a Seattle homebuyer would. Step outside your door and then walk into your home taking a look at it with fresh eyes. Do you see anything out of place in the entranceway that needs to get handled? It’s often the little things that count when selling your Seattle home.

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