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By Abe Chang | Agent in Los Angeles, CA

Brentwood- One of Westside's More Walkable Neighborhoods

Brentwood, one of the Westside's more Walkable Neighborhoods

Westside’s Walkable Neighborhood

Los Angeles is known as a car culture.  However, at one point, LA and Southern California had one of the most extensive rail system in the country. 

Eventually, tracks were torn up and replaced with roads.  In the 80s, LA tried to revitalize it’s mass transit system, only to have the Red Line stop in Koreatown and the Green Line stop 1 mile short of LAX.  As traffic continues to worsen, government and Angelenos are trying to figure out ways solve our traffic issues.  

For the most part, Westsiders are stuck without a rail system for another few years, until the Expo Line winds its way through the southern portion of West LA and into Santa Monica.  And until Villaraigosa’s “subway to the sea” dream comes true, Westsiders living north of Santa Monica Blvd. who want to minimize their time sitting in their car should consider a few of these very walkable neighborhoods as places to live.  

Although the Westside has plenty of walkable neighborhoods, I will focus on a few north of the Expo Line.  

Nestled between Westwood and Santa Monica, Brentwood is home to many celebrities.  The OJ Simpson police chase that we all saw in the 90s took him back to his Brentwood home.  The Governator also lives, or maybe lived here, now that he’s divorced.  But countless other famous faces still reside in this upscale neighborhood.  And because Brentwood has a very walkable commerical center, mixed with a large number of celebs that live in the area, it’s not uncommon to see TMZ or paparazzi hanging around this area as you walk across the street to Whole Foods.  

The main strip of Brentwood is San Vicente Blvd.  Coral trees line the median which separates  east and west bound traffic.   Major restaurant/coffee chains such as California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle, Coffee Bean and Starbucks share the street with smaller independents eateries and cafes like La Provence, Toscana, Taiko, Coral Tree Cafe, Tavern and the likes.  There are also more banks and real estate brokerages along this roughly 4 block stretch than you can imagine.  A library, two grocery stores (Whole Foods and Vicente Foods), 24hr CVS, doctors, pharmacies, retailers and gyms truly make this a livable neighborhood where you do not need a car.  

If this wasn’t enough, a few blocks north of San Vicente is Brentwood Village.  Brentwood Village has a small town feel.  Much less congested than San Vicente, the village has a quaint shopping area with a high end convenience store, coffee shops, gym, restaurants, furniture store and the post office.  

Maybe the only thing lacking in Brentwood is a movie theater.  

Real estate in Brentwood, like most places have dropped, but still remain strong compared to more inland places.    
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