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By Andrew Graham | Managing Broker in Davidson, NC

Avoid Buying A Terrible House

A lot of times many people buy a house, get all excited about it, and then forget to check the house thoroughly and immediately plan on what they want to do with it and become attached to it right away.
For example, you have been checking Charlotte real estate and find it a great place to live and grow old. You browse and looked at homes for sale. You saw a house that really attracts you and you decided that, you have found the house that you want to buy. You need to make sure and have the house checked thoroughly in order for you not to end up with a house with some really serious issues that will drain your finances and will give you problems upon problems.
There are some people that believes that even houses with issues can be fixed, that may be correct, however, you do not need to go through that and no one wants a house that will drain their finances and a house that keeps having problems and cannot be insured. If you are in the process of checking houses to buy, then here are a few things that you need to have experts check in order to avoid buying a terrible house.

1) Foundation issues - If you see cracks on the foundation, not just tiny cracks but noticeable cracks, then is a bad indication of foundation issues. The foundation of the house may either made of poor materials or a result of poor engineering construction. It can also mean that the foundation has been under water for a long time and has incurred water damages. If that is the case then you really need to think hard if you will buy the house.

2) Roof damages - When you are informed by the house inspector that the roof has serious problems, you need to listen very carefully about it. The reaon why roof damages can become a deal breaker is because, roof damages means water seepage, and water leaks. If this is not repaired immediately or the roof replaced immediately, you may also have infestation problems because part of the house is open and some rodents or racoons may see it and build a nest inside it.

3) Floor level issues - You can check the flooring of a house and the materials that have been used, however, what a lot of people forget to check is if the floor has level issues. If the flooring has this kind of issue, you need to be aware that having it repaired is very expensive depending on the degree it is tilted.

4) Doors and windows - If you see a few windows and doors that do not fit smoothly on the frames, then you need to check if it is just poor measurement on the windows and doors. Because if it is not just poor design and measurement issues, then this can be a serious problem; it can be a structural integrity of the foundation of the house. You need to be thorough on this and make sure why these doors and windows won't close. You also need to realize that these are security risks, if a window or a door won't close properly then you have a part of your house that can be a point of entry not just for animals but for people that have bad intentions.

A lot of times, people decide due to first impressions. However, you need to make sure that you first see the results and carefully consider your options.
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