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By Prime Homes Brooklyn | Builder/Developer in 11233
  • How to make the most of Super Bowl XLVIII

    Posted Under: Entertainment & Nightlife in New York, In My Neighborhood in New York, Rentals in New York  |  January 25, 2014 10:44 AM  |  269 views  |  No comments
    With a week left until Super Bowl XLVIII people from around the globe are racing to find adequate housing and rooms in the Tri State Area, and are willing to pay top dollar for a room with easy access into Manhattan/NJ. For residents in the five boroughs this is an opportunity to cash in on the unique opportunity and the time is now to strike while the iron is hot. Websites like Craigslist are the best outlets to advertise your property for rent for the week of Super Bowl. Also, with the limited amount of options left you can take advantage of a basic economic idea. Supply and Demand. With low supply and high demand you can charge $3000 for a week in your home/apt/co-op. Apartments in Manhattan are seeing prices as high as $10,000 and higher for the week of Super Bowl which translates to outer Queens, Bronx and Long Island could feasibly fetch $3000 for the week. 

    Now, reading this you may have some strong reservations against allowing a stranger live in your home for a week. I agree, it can be a bit weird to think about, but when you rent an apartment what did you do? You sign a contract! That listed rules and penalties for damages to the property upon move out. To protect yourself against damages I would suggest having a written contract that covers you from any damages and also charging a potential tennant a security deposit that they can get back barring any damages upon their leaving. Secondly, I would suggest that you remove any valuable that you do not feel comfortable leaving in the house while strangers live in the house for the week, and lastly. To cover yourself completely, TAKE PICTURES! We are in the age of the smart phone and camera phone. Utilize the technology at your disposal! Take a picture of everything from every angle. Take pictures of the furniture and the shape they are in. Take pictures of every room from every corner. Take pictures of the kitchen and all the appliances, the walls, the A/C units, the radiators. There is no such thing as taking too many pictures for documentations sake. 

    Now, if you live in an apartment building or in a co-op it would be prudent to take a look at the contract that you signed when you moved in to make sure that you aren't breaking any of the rules that you put you in danger of eviction. Making a few extra grand isn't worth losing your home. 

    This is a great idea to make a few extra nickles off of the excitement of the Super Bowl in NY/NJ, but the most important factor to take into account is be safe and have fun. Happy Super Bowl.
  • Having trouble with MTA in the snowy weather today?

    Posted Under: Traffic & Public Transportation in New York, In My Neighborhood in New York  |  December 10, 2013 9:43 AM  |  335 views  |  No comments
    If you are taking the MTA Subway today, December 10, 2013 then you may want to be aware of any delays on the Subways. Due to the snow that is falling all over the 5 boroughs the MTA is issuing tardy excuse cards to those who are affected by train delays. In the article that is attached to this blog from the NY Times you can read all o fthe information that is necessary for the traveling working man or woman in the city. Here's to hoping that you reach your destination safely and on time. 

  • Bushwick Transition

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Brooklyn  |  May 2, 2013 2:47 PM  |  398 views  |  No comments
    Amazing things are happening in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn
    Large Warehouses are being transfromed into beatiful luxurious lofts and condos,old brownstones are  being restored and all-around the entire neighborhood is being revitalized.
    Bushwick has a fresh new look!  high ceilings, exposed brick and Stainless fixtures, hardwood floors and much more. Exciting art galleries, diversed resturants and pubs are amongst the neighbors in Bushwick, The rental market is amazing and only 15 minutes from NYC...
  • Bushwick Five Years to Success

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Brooklyn  |  March 7, 2013 3:13 PM  |  433 views  |  No comments

    Five Years to Success

    Bushwick is located in the north side of Brooklyn. This means that it is the first stop coming from Williamsburg. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce had organized a meeting last year. Numerous investors and analysts were present. Most of them count on Williamsburg’s stagnation. It's believed that in no more than 5 years, Bushwick will be a hotspot. The Bushwick real estate sector has room for modernization. Williamsburg is already saturated with facilities and modern buildings.
    So many amazing things are happening in Bushwick now, art galleries, thriving new businesses are opening, great resturants and much more.

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