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By The Live in Atlanta GA Team | Agent in Atlanta, GA

Thanks for Being A Warrior.....

You may wonder why on earth is there a picture of Michael Neville with a Samurai Warrior on his desk, well it will all make sense once you finish reading the story below.....

I received a call from a young man earlier this year about the need to sell his townhome in East Atlanta, a normal inquiry.....once he mentioned the development I immediately knew it wasn't going to be that simple.

The development had planned on being a mix of townhomes & single-family homes.....they'd only completely the first few phases of townhomes before going bankrupt and leveling a forrest of plumbing lines in most of the lots.  This was going to be a tough sell considering most people won't purchase in developments with such high levels of future uncertainty & the fact that the home value was inverted by over 30% of the outstanding loan balance.

His employment situation had changed & he needed to move out of Atlanta and up to New York City...it was pretty cut and dry -- this was either going to be sold as a short sale or end up on the courthouse steps as a foreclosure & ruin his credit for years to come.

We always want to help our clients avoid foreclosure while contributing to the stabilization of real estate values in our neighborhoods as best we can.

We went round & round with buyers (it went under contract multiple times), negotiators (after the 1st approval from Bank of America they then switched their team and outsourced it to REDC who subsequently made ridiculous requests and statement like "values have dramatically gone up in this area"- HUH? What? What sales are you seeing that I'm not...although I'm the only one in the physical area involved in the negotiation process & the agent you paid to do the BPO admitted that if she didn't arbitrarily bump her #'s up you wouldn't pay her for the work...since when she gave you legit sales IN THE SAME DEVELOPMENT you rejected the #'s & the active listings with the bank/developer were going for less???), loan officers for buyers, etc.

While frustrating as it can be, I assured my client that we'd find a way to get this deal done - "I'm batting 100% on my short sale listings over the last 2 years and don't plan on ending that streak with your house." By now he had moved on to NYC and was receiving letters about the fast approaching foreclosure sale date.

After numerous phone calls, emails, alternative solutions, market data, etc. (and a cooperative buyer's agent who conveyed to her client that we were doing everything in our power to work this deal out & make it a win-win situation).....we got the deal done & closed only a few days before the property was scheduled to go to the courthouse steps.

My client has been able to move on with his life & with his new employment in NYC he was able to travel to Japan recently and he bought a special gift for me......a Samurai Warrior...he sent a hand-written note (that meant a lot as I try to do the same for my clients in this age of technology there's something special about still getting a hand-written note) that said the Samurai Warrior was a fitting representation of me as a Realtor.

Part of his letter read: "Without your exceptional knowledge, skills, guidance, and most importantly, service, I know that this would not have been possible; especially in this market. You have helped me move on with my life, as well as drive an outcome that many others in a similar situation will not realize. Thank you again for your exceptional work. It will not be forgotten."

In a time when banks routinely want to cut our commission and we work twice (if not more) as hard to facilitate these short sale deals, it is great to have someone appreciate your efforts in the trenches & remind you that it's worth the energy to help people move forward with their lives & find solutions that will help stabilize our communities in the process.

So, to my fellow realtors in the trenches around the country....remember you too have a warrior inside of you & it's worth going the extra mile to ensure people are serviced & protected.

And if you know anyone in the metro Atlanta area in need of assistance selling their home I'm here to assist with finding a dignified solution ( www.AtlantaDignifiedSolutions.com ) to their problem.  I am a Certified Distressed Property Expert with a track record of success and want to assist others reach a similar outcome as my past client. (Distress sales represent nearly 40% of our Metro Atlanta market) – trust me, a neighbor, a friend, or family member is probably in need of this lifeline. Just tell them to “Call Mike For Results You’ll Like”.



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Michael Neville
#1 Individual Agent Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown
CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert

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