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By Mark Delgado | Property Manager in Benicia, CA

The value of a Benicia Property Management Company - explained with movies

The true value of a Benicia Property Management Company – explained with movies


There are many ways to measure value.  Instead of getting into all of the boring details of choosing a Benicia Property Management Company to manage your property for you, let me use a straightforward comparison using a topic everyone loves – movies!


The American Film Institute lists “Citizen Kane” as the best movie of all time.  Another source, AMC filmsite, lists Avatar as the top grossing film of all time.  Yes, these two movies are very different from one another.  One is a classic and the other is a modern movie full of special effects.  But, they are both, in their own rights, very good movies. 

Citizen Kane, Benicia Property Management

avatar, Benicia Property Management

Compare those titles to “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies.”  Yes, that is a real movie title.  You probably haven’t heard of it because apparently no one has – it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster.  A more recent stinker of a movie, at least according to the number of tickets purchased, is last year’s “Trespass” starring Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman.

bad movie, Benicia Property Management

bad movie 2, Benicia Property Management

So, you are deciding how to spend your evening.  You could save some money at the discount bin and pick up “The Incredibly Strange movie with a really bad title” or perhaps “Trespass.”  Think of what you would be able to do with the $5 you saved!  Wouldn’t you be better off with this $5 in your pocket – even if it meant watching a horrible movie for your evening entertainment?


Or, perhaps you are more interested in value – what you are actually getting for the money you spend.  Perhaps you want to actually enjoy your evening with a quality movie that entertains you and that you would even recommend to your friends.  That my friend, would mean you wander away from the discount bin, shell out the extra $5 and buy the quality movie that provides value.

Have you ever noticed that those discount movies that try to appeal to you on price alone just don't last as long as the quality movies that appeal to you based on what they provide back to you?


Which would you rather do?  You could save a small amount of money and get a Rotten Tomato type of movie or you could spend just a tad more and get a movie that gives you more value.  Choosing whichBenicia Property Management Company you want to work with isn’t all that different of a decision-making process.


To quote that famous line… “See you at the movies”

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