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By Lisa Butler | Agent in Orlando, FL

Creating Your Reality, Business & Personal

"You ask for what you don't have over and over and over and over and over - sooner or later you have to stop asking and start expecting." ~ Abraham Hicks

Greetings Real Estate Enthusiasts!

My spiritual journey has led me to many interesting places. I continuously seek opportunities for self-improvement and spiritual growth. Serving the real estate needs of buyers and sellers with their sale and purchase transactions is an important aspect of my pursuits.

I learned a while back about the Law of Attraction which includes Cause and Effect. Just like the Law of Gravity, it is a powerful force with which to be reckoned. Basically, it's the power of your thoughts and feelings. What you send out in thoughts and feelings is mirrored right back to you. Some call it Karma. Jesus explained it as "doing unto others as you want it done to you." Because what you do, think, feel and say comes right back to you...what goes around DOES come back around. I've witnessed it over and over...it is a fact.

Amazing things come to those who expect/believe with all their heart. Like flipping a light switch, you expect the light to come on. It's the same with your focused thoughts and feelings in your heart. Jesus also said in Mark 11:24 to believe you have already received that which you want and it will be yours. It's how the Universe works.

By focusing on what you want rather than moaning about what you don't have, or complaining about what you have that you don't want, FOCUS...MEDITATE ON WHAT YOU WANT. Intend that you will have whatever it is you want. Fully believe in your heart that it will be yours. This can be applied to business pursuits as well as personal goals. Want that new job? Want more sales? Want a better relationship with someone? Feel in your heart NOW how wonderful it is when those wishes are fulfilled. The magic is in belief and whatever you believe with all your heart. This works both ways.

There is danger in continuously dwelling in dark places. Turn off the news. Not much is true in mainstream media anyway...maybe 25%...the rest is spin. Find activities that bring you feelings of joy, peace and love. Play with your kids. Play with your significant other. Read a good book or any reading you enjoy. Go outside and be in nature as much as possible. Get unplugged from electricty and technology whenever possible. Go to Disney World (but I advise you go during the off season or you could have a very negative experience!) Have fun! Laugh often! Find your bliss and RUN WITH IT!! Most importantly, FEEL GRATITUDE!!

Collectively, we CAN create a better reality and future. It has been scientifically proven that united in thoughts and feelings of love, peace and happiness we WILL bring to Earth a much better life for everyone, including our precious planet. "The secret" is out and it will help you achieve your heart's desires. For more info about the Global Consciousness Project, please visit the following site:


Now, get out there and start creating the reality of YOUR heart's desire but PLEASE KEEP IT POSITIVE and remember the most important universal rule...FIRST DO NO HARM. Otherwise, Karma will bite ya on the butt! Meanness comes with a price.

Love & Peace to ya! :)
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