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By Jon Gerstein | Broker in Chicago, IL

Green homes that give back to the grid

This is amazing.  Homeowners with green homes can actual sell power they're not using and make a profit:



By Mike Pristow, Donna Hodge,  Fri Mar 16 2012, 16:30
As a Real Estate Agent who believes in going GREEN, and the owner of a home with a photovoltaic solar energy array, I can tell you that it's an expensive proposition, but well worth it. In our climate in the Mojave Desert, Southern Nevada, our highest demand period for electrical energy is the summer when the air conditioners are running. We are on a program with the electrical company called "net metering". If we produce more power than we use in any one month, the consumption part of our bill is $0. The extra energy we produced is saved as a credit. If we use more electricity than we produce, we pay the difference. Once a year, any overage we've produced is credited to any extra power we've used, up to the total usage amount. If we produce more watts than we use in that year, we lose the extra amount. It is a delicate balancing act to get maximum credit without going over usage. I doubt if all power companies use this type of accounting. However, we relish knowing how much we've saved, and every time the electrical rates go up, we know we are that much closer to the pay-back point for the installation.

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