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Gina Stango's Blog

By Gina Stango | Agent in Exton, PA

Things That Increase and Decrease the Value of Your Home

When you're searching for a new home.  A great thing to keep in the back of your mind are things that will Increase the value.  It's also good to realize certain amenities are pleasure items that won't add any value (even though you may feel you can not live without them).

The Following Items DEFINITELY Add Value:

1. An Updated Kitchen - One of the most favorite and critical places in a home.  Solid surface counters, high-quality floorings are a plus.

2. Modern Bathrooms - Buyers want a little extra room in their bathrooms. Spas or Whirlpool Tubs are a plus!

3. Master Suite - People get excited about Master Suites that include a large bathroom, lounging areas and walk-in closets.

4. Natural Materials - Earth made materials like ceramic tile, hardwood floors, and granite are a plus.

5. Curb Appeal - First impressions can easily add 5-10% to the value of the home.

6. Light, Airy, Spacious Feel - "People buy space and light".

7. Good Windows - Insulated and energy efficient windows are always a plus.

8. Landscaping - Mature landscaping and trees carry their weight adding value to a home.

9. Storage - People LOVE oversized garages, some attic space and plenty of closets.

10. Basement - If it's dry, it's a BIG PLUS. But if it's wet, it's a BIG Negative.

On the Flip Side, Here are a Few Things That Will DECREASE Your Home's Value:

1. POOL - I absolutely LOVE my pool, but when we had it put in last Fall, I was well aware this was a luxury item and would not in any way increase the value of our home.  

2. No Garage or Small Garage - Buyers want garages, not having one is a big downfall.

3. Bad Floor Plan - Small rooms and bathrooms, bad floor plan or a layout that requires you to access bedrooms or bathrooms through other rooms will detract value from your home.

4. Outmoded Appliances or Systems - No one wants someone elses headaches.

5. Stale Decor - Wild, flashy and dated colors are a turn-off to many people.  Always try and stay neutral.

6. Bad Roof - Roofs are expensive to replace and a good roof is considered standard equipment in a house. If your roof has problems, expect to take a hit in the price.

7. Bad Location - What are you surrounding by? Highways, ugly utility lines and views of distracting landmarks will decrease your value.

8. Poor Maintenance - If you don't maintain your home and care for it and it shows, your offers will show the decreased too.

9. Environmental Hazards - Besides being a danger to human health, lead, mold or asbestos can kill home value.

10. Needed Improvements (lots of them) - If you can't move in it today because there are a list of must-dos just to conduct everyday life will scare off a lot of potential home buyers.

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