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By Sebastian Howell | Other/Just Looking in 30349

Southern Living...not what it's cracked up to be

I am originally from North Carollina.  I have moved so many times in my life I have lost count.  However, being from the south, I was certain people and living in the south was far better than being from up north.  So when I was teenager I decided to move to a major city.  Over the years I have lived in many places but after all this time I have finally come to realize that the south is the worst place to live.  

One of the many good things you hear about the south is the hospitality.  The attitude in the south is supposed to be far superior to the cold and icy feeling that the north is alleged to have.  However, I found it to be totally the opposite.  In the south, they don't say what they feel but put on a fact attitude of kindness because it is the accepted way to live.  But in the north people are a lot more honest.  So why is the south considered the place with the best hospitality?

It's because people are fake!  They spend time telling and acting as they think you want them to.  They say nice things to your face giving the appearance of being hospitable but the second you turn your back they put a knife in it.  They greet you with fake smiles, fake tons, kind cliches, and other irrelevant banter.  

In the north, people are far more honest.  People in the north don't have time for fake behaviors and fake attitudes.  I find that in the north people are more direct and to the point.  For instance.  In the south if you are invited to a party or event it would be considered rude to turn that event down or to say you don't wish to attend.  But in the north people have a tendency to let you know immediately whether or not they plan to attend.  

In the south it is considered rude to be honest, but in the north considered rude to say what you don't mean.  So who is correct.  I would rather know where a person is coming from right off the bat.  No need to beat around the bush.  In the north I knew where I stood, who I could trust, who did not care for me and where I was not wanted.  In the south, people say what or do what appears to be nice but deep down don't care, but are more concerned with how they are perceived. 

I may be born southern, but if home is where the heart is then my heart will always belong up north.


By Kawain Payne, Realtor, Notary,  Mon Dec 3 2012, 16:56
Try not to be so hard on the "South".

As you have moved around alot, so have a lot of other folks. I am a native of California. I have lived here all my 45 years of life, and I can tell you that most of the people I do business with here, moved here from somewhere else.

Maybe some of the rude folks down south are from other parts of the country or from ourtside of the U.S altogether. (just a thought)
Best Regards,
Kawain Payne, Realtor
By alisadorsey,  Sun Feb 16 2014, 02:29
Well I am born and raised in the south, and I'm far from fake and rude. Since 1996 a lot of people have moved here and brought their rudeness and crimes. And maybe a lot of born and raised southern bell people are just tired of people from other states and countries thinking they run things here! And then they want to complain about things and brag about they home state or
country. If you don't like it, do yourself a favor and leave. Then maybe we can have more jobs and less traffic.
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