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By Amy and Dan Schuman | Agent in Solon, OH

Ohio Home Selling Tips - First Impression Is Key To Success

Ohio Home Selling Tips - First Impression Is Key To Success

When staging a home, we stress the importance of making a postive first impression. While the entryway or first room that a buyer sees upon entering is important, the most overlooked area is the exterior and doorway. Let us explain why this is so critical to your efforts in selling your home.


Exterior of home

To begin, let's assume that a buyer saw pictures of your home on line and couldn't wait to see it in person. As a seller, this is the golden opportunity that you have been waiting for. You now have one chance to "wow" the buyer and get them to fall in love with your beautiful home.

Now, imagine this scenario; the buyer gets out of their car, and, along with their agent, walks to the front door. As it can take a minute or so for the agent to get the key out of the lock box, the buyers get some extended time to stand in front of the home and take it all in. Their eyes will focus on the walkway, landscaping, windows, exterior of the home, and often the front door as their agent will be fumbling for the key and opening up the home. This is the time when first impressions are really formed.

If the outside of the home looks great, then the buyers will continue to be excited to get iniside. They will enter with a positive attitude, hopeful that their home search is finally over. 

However, if the buyer notices some problems outside, the offer you were hoping for may never come.  If you have a front door with scratches and dents, or one where the key doesn't work properly, this could mean trouble. In a buyer's mind, if the front door looks poorly maintained and it is hard to unlock and operate, they will assume there are other problems with the home and will go out of their way to look for them. Chipped paint on the exterior of a home and unmanicured bushes and landscaping also scream neglect and send a very negative sign to the buyers.

The last thing a seller wants is for a potential buyer to have negative thoughts about their home BEFORE they even have a chance to walk inside. Fair or not, a buyer will form on opinion of a home prior to walking in.

When preparing your home to sell, getting the inside to shine is certainly important. However, once a live buyer pulls up to your home, the exterior is the initial focal point. Everyone knows what they say about first impressions...you only have one chance to make one, so make it a good one! 

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Dan and Amy Schuman are Solon OH residents. They specialize in Solon luxury homes, working with buyers relocating to Solon, and first-time buyers.

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