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By Leslie Epstein | Agent in Beverly Hills, CA
  • 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make On A Remodel!

    Posted Under: Remodel & Renovate in Los Angeles, Design & Decor in Los Angeles, Investment Properties in Los Angeles  |  July 17, 2014 11:50 AM  |  38 views  |  No comments

    Hey are you a DYI junkie and just get all enthusiastic about what kind of remolded kitchen you can do in 3 days with a crew of your friends. Well here are the 3 biggest mistakes most people make in a home DYI remodel.

     1- They bit off more than they can chew. Remember when your mom said don't take such a big bite of food at the dinner table, well she was right. Most people get starred eyed and want to do the kitchen first. Mistake! This is the biggest and the hardest one to do with no or little experience. Take on a small project and build on your successes like, paint your bedroom.
    2- People jump in without any planning. So get a free design program and practice on what exactly you are looking at doing and what your interior designs might look like on 3D visual. This way you can think through what you want before you demo your whole bathroom and start taking the kids to the back yard and washing them down with the hose.
    3- People always, always, always…under budget the remodel. Experts are experts for a reason. Yes they charge a service fee to do the work but a good one will be on budget and not over. The DYI home renovation project can have unexpected problems and therefore cost you more to complete it. This doesn't even include the days off of work because you broke the pipe when you demolished the wall. So get bids for your remodeling idea from three contractors and find out what they would charge and then do your own estimates. After you complete this homework you can safely decide if you REALLY want do to the work yourself. FYI- If you use a contractor check him out to see if he has bad reviews, has been sued, and get past client referrals. 

    Ok... Now go off and make that kitchen of your dreams!

  • Buyer Beware

    Posted Under: Home Buying in West Los Angeles, Home Selling in West Los Angeles, Property Q&A in West Los Angeles  |  September 5, 2010 2:32 PM  |  413 views  |  No comments
    When buying a home it can be very stressful. The questions I get asked the most is how do we know if we have someone who is the best Realtor. Well...first of all the Realtor representing you has to have your fiduciary concerns above all others. In other words he/she needs to be protecting your bottom line. They need to advise you in what makes good business sense and not just trying to get you into a home that gets them a commission. A good Realtor is one you can call before, during and after the close of  your house and they will be there to help. They take your calls. I have clients that call me two years latter needing a good referral to a plumber. I do that for my clients. I want my clients to enjoy their home but they don't always have a good resource for trouble areas. I also try and do my best to protect them from making bad decisions. Which means it may take me a longer time to get them into a home but I don't just settle and try and get them to say yes to just anything. I want it to be right for them.  It works the same way for investors and professional clients. Your Realtor has to be on your side protecting your bottom line or run for the hills.
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