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By Mary Lou Ciambriello PA, CDPE | Agent in Vero Beach, FL

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Investment Properties  |  September 2, 2014 1:38 PM  |  16 views  |  No comments

    I am consumed by all things relating to real estate.  Who does not love to talk about real estate? Answer, my husband.  Despite his one major flaw we are happily married.

    My husband and I recently moved and it has been a learning experience.  I came from a market where I was well respected and moved to an area where I literally had to start all over again.  It was and still is a humbling experience.   So, you ask, why did we move?  To be closer to our children and while my career has suffered tremendously and my ego almost as much, the move was still the best decision we have ever made. 

    Coming to Vero Beach I have learned many things.  The entire county is a “small town”.   I could leave my home in Palm Beach County and on rare occasion I would run into someone.   Being neighborly is not a priority in Palm Beach.  Not here in Indian River County………no one, including me, can make it from the car into a store without running into someone…..and that is just the parking lot.  My time management now includes time to chat with people I meet on my way to do whatever it is I am doing.   I love that about Vero!!!

    I have been forced to get out of my comfort zone here in Vero Beach.   I have changed the direction of my real estate business and it has been a real and exhilarating challenge.  I am now an “accidental commercial” agent.  I have always been a firm believer in setting myself up for success.  For example, if I am practicing shooting baskets with my grandson, I stand close to the net so I can make a basket.   Being challenged is not about making it easy on yourself…..it is the opposite.

    After carefully and patiently studying the area and learning the real estate market I have discovered my niche.  I belong in the area of properties that are difficult to sell.  Silly you say……I agree.  Who wants to sell something that is difficult to sell…..no salesperson I know.   The truth is nothing in Vero should be difficult to sell.   This area is like a very special jeweled box that is taken for granted and overlooked.  To all that live inside this jeweled box……it is just a box but to someone like me…….an outsider it is an amazing find…….a true treasure of untapped opportunities. 

    Indian River County is an amazing area.  It has it all.  The most difficult adjustment for me is airports are an hour plus away but how often do I go to an airport? 

    This essay is an invitation to businesses large and small.  I ask you take the time to look at Indian River County.  Indian River County is home to the richest zip code in the state……yes really.   Give me a call if you are looking for a location.  Restaurants you should be taking a look at Vero Beach for you next location.  Developers this area is your cornucopia.  There are tracks of land with infrastructure and tracks of land that need to be developed.  Raising a family come here and see for yourself family values are alive and well and homes are affordable.  I thought I was active in charities……WRONG….Indian River has the largest and most philanthropic heart I have ever seen. Do not be deceived by our size, be excited.  Indian River County is not looking to be congested it is looking to be the perfect backdrop to your life.  Oceanfront, islands or country estate….whatever your budget, passion and dream Indian River County invites you to explore the possibilities.

    In closing I would like to tell you what I read on an needle point pillow recently, “God created the Palm Beaches but lives in Indian River County”……that sums it up.

    My name is Mary Lou Ciambriello and I am a Realtor with Dale Sorensen Real Estate in the downtown office of Vero Beach.  I invite you to call me and let me tell you about Indian River County.  My number is 772.584.5266. 

  • Why Properties Do not Sell

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Vero Beach, Curb Appeal in Vero Beach  |  October 2, 2013 11:54 AM  |  254 views  |  1 comment


    The perspective of Mary Lou Ciambriello PA
    Dale Sorensen Real Estate

    Inadequate Marketing and Sale Strategy
    Websites, mailings, open houses and print ads matter

    Poor Curb Appeal
    Greet all prospective buyers with a property that is Crisp and Welcoming.  This means MULCH, MOW and PRESSURE CLEAN!!!

    Very "OPTIMISTIC" Pricing
    Explanation needed

    Staging ~ Walk Through You Property Like You are the Buyer
    Define the rooms, toss the clutter, maintain the yard and the kitchen and bathrooms must SPARKLE.

    Difficulty showing to Prospective Buyers
    Agents love vacant units; for those that are occupied.....GET UP AND GO SO THE AGENT CAN SHOW!!!

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