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By William Cross | Other/Just Looking in Chicago, IL

Decorating with Branches from Your Garden

If you’ve been searching for a natural decorating material that will add a graceful touch to your home, try using branches from your garden. You’ll be able to find a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors from which to choose, just by taking a look in your own backyard. Decorating with branches can be a very economical way to add beauty to your home. Simply step outdoors and gather as many branches as you need in order to create the decorating accents that you desire. Here are some great ideas to help you decorate your home with branches. 

Create Branch Arrangements 

Branch arrangements can be used to add a truly decorative look to your home, regardless of your overall decorating style. You can create everything from a naturally rustic look to a sleek and elegant branch arrangement. To add a different look to your arrangement, simply choose a different container to put them in. Arranging branches in a ceramic or pottery vase often works well to add a rustic touch. However, you can also arrange a couple of branches in a beautiful glass vase to create a sleekly modern arrangement for a contemporary room. You can add a bit more style to your arrangement by painting the branches if desired. For example, use a metallic shade of paint or stark white to create an edgy contemporary look. You could also add a bit of glitz by sprinkling glitter on the branches before the paint is dry. To add glitter to bare branches, you can use craft glue. Cover your work area with paper before applying the glitter to make it easy to clean up afterwards. You can add even more visual interest by gluing seed pods, small rhinestones, or other decorations to the branches. 

Create Branch Sculptures 

If you want to add a truly interesting look to your home, try creating one or more art sculpture pieces using branches. Creating sculptures from branches can be easy, especially if you choose small and pliable branches. These smaller branches will be easier to bend and less likely to break. You can twist branches together to form many interesting designs, shapes or figures. Use hot glue, craft glue, raffia or twine to hold the branches in place if necessary when forming your sculpture. By utilizing this method, you’ll be able to transform ordinary branches into an endless variety of eye-catching and interesting sculpture designs. Create a fascinating art piece to hang on your wall, or a free-standing piece to grace your mantel or tabletop. 

Decorating Accessories from Branches and Twigs

Branches and twigs can be quite useful if you want to create interesting home decorating accents. For example, when branches are cut into small pieces, they can be used to decorate vases, picture frames and baskets. By weaving pliable twigs or branches together, you can make a beautiful wreath. You could also use a long and sturdy branch as a replacement for a drapery rod. Or, cut off a length of branch to use as a basket or bucket handle to add a decorative and whimsical rustic touch.

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