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By William Cross | Other/Just Looking in Chicago, IL

Make your own Fun and Funky Zebra Rug

Everything and anything with a zebra print is popular these days – from blouses to throw pillows. Zebra print area rugs are especially fun and they can add a funky vibe to any room. You can find many of them in stores and from online retailers, but you can also make you own zebra print rug. Making your own is fun and it saves you a few bucks; plus, you can customize the rug into whatever size and shape you like. Here are two methods for making your own zebra rug.

Make a Rug from Black and White Remnants

It’s fairly easy to make a zebra print rug from black and white carpet remnants. You may already have the remnants in your home; or you can purchase remnants inexpensively from a carpet store. In addition to the black and white “stripes” that will make up the visible top portion of your rug, you will also need some type of backing material for the carpet. Materials like jute, denim, burlap or canvas will all work nicely. Other supplies that you will need include sharp, heavy duty scissors and adhesive that is suitable for carpet or fabric. 

The first step is to cut the backing material into the shape and size you prefer for your finished carpet. You will also need to cut the black and white pieces that will make up your zebra’s stripes, but before you begin it is helpful to make a design pattern. You can sketch this out on a piece of paper the same size as your carpet backing or do it right on the carpet backing using light pencil strokes. Next, cut the black and white pieces to fit the pattern and attach them to the backing with your adhesive. Use a tarp or sheet to protect your work surface. Be sure to lay the pieces closely together so that the backing material does not show through. After all the pieces are laid out and the glue is dry, gently fluff the carpet with your fingers to hide the seams. You can also bind the carpet edges or add fringe to the rug if desired.

Painted Zebra Stripes

An easy way to create a zebra stripe rug is to simply paint the stripes onto a piece heavy duty canvas to make a zebra striped canvas rug. This won’t have the pile and softness of a remnant rug but adds a fun touch used atop wall-to-wall carpet or even on a hard floor. A canvas rug is also ideal for a porch or protected outdoor space. 

Design your pattern on a piece of paper, and then paint the canvas white. Let it dry and paint your black stripes using the pattern as a guide. Black fabric paint and a narrow artist or craft brush will give you the best results. If you wish, you can use white or black yarn to trim the edges of the rug. 

William Cross of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use large wall art and wooden art. 

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