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Fun DIY Project: Create Double Sides Curtains for Your Home

Show your flair for decorating with the lovely touch of curtains that are double sided in any room of your home. Creating double sided curtains allows you to experiment with a wide assortment of colors and patterns. These curtains are the perfect solution for adding interest to any area. You can use two patterns or colors that contrast each other. You may also try using this type of curtain to show a bold color on the inside and a crisp white on the outside. 

Window Measurements

You must thoroughly measure your windows before you begin to make the curtains. If your curtain rods are already installed, you may simply measure vertically. Start at the rod’s top and measure down to the where you plan to hem the curtain. Add an extra two inches to your measurements. This is for the hem at the bottom. Leave two additional inches for the header at the top as well. In measuring the width, consider how full you want your curtains to appear. Using the width of your window for the size of each panel will give you just the look you want. Allow two extra inches at each side for the hem. Your measurements will be used in purchasing fabric in the right amount. For your two sided curtains, you will need the same amount in the two patterns or colors of fabric. 

Materials You Need

Along with your fabric, you will want to obtain straight pins, sharp scissors, measuring tape and a sewing machine. You may want to try a rotary cutter with a mat for cutting the fabric. These work well for many individuals. Before you begin cutting the fabric, it is best to wash and dry it in order to pre-shrink it. Iron the fabric to make easy to handle. Cut properly sized panels to give you panels for each patter or color of fabric.

How to Sew Your Curtains

Place the two choices of fabric pieces with right sides together. Pin these two pieces to each other. You will now sew these together along the top edges. Use a one half inch seam. Next, you will sew downward a couple of inches on one side. You need to measure down an extra inch and a half to leave an area without stitches for a rod. Now, continue to sew along the edge until the bottom is reached. Sew the opposite side of your panel in the same way. The bottom edge is sewed with a half inch seam. You should leave three inches of unstitched fabric. Clip corners and turn your panel to let the right sides face outward. Push the corners out to give a crisp appearance and close the bottom with a slip stitch. Sew across the panel top in a straight seam that is a half inch away from curtain top. Measure two inches and again sew a straight seam. Form the rod pocket by measuring down one and a half more inches and sewing a seam straight across. Repeat this entire process for the other panel. After finishing, iron your curtains to give them a better look and feel. 

William Cross is a freelance writer and works for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com. He shares his wealth of knowledge on contemporary metal wall art and large wood wall art.

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