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By William Cross | Other/Just Looking in Chicago, IL

Undress your Windows for a Brighter Family Room

When it comes to designing and decorating a family room there are so many considerations than even the savviest homeowner may find the task to be an overwhelmingly difficult feat. Window treatments and coverings are a huge concern here and one that often involves safety issues, particularly for families with young children. Kids can run into harm’s way all too easily in the face of loose cords, and little dirty hands spell big trouble for any non stain resistant fabrics. To avoid these and other problems, consider eliminating the source altogether by choosing to leave your windows bare. At first this may seem too unconventional but with a little craftiness and creativity you can reap the benefits of bare while still maintaining a comfortable level of privacy.
To take advantage of the brilliant natural light that non-treated windows allow to flow into your home while preventing strangers and neighbors alike from spying on your family, consider opting for window film. Tinted windows are engineered to allow for plenty of natural light to bathe your family room while maintaining optimal security and privacy by using reflective coating to keep outsiders from seeing in. This is highly desirable for homeowners who live in direct view of nosy neighbors or are concerned about shifty passers-by invading their privacy. A wonderful alternative to oppressive draperies or blinds, window film is also very affordable as compared to most other window treatments. 

High Windows
When all the windows in a family room are positioned very highly on the walls then leaving them bare will cause little to no reduction in privacy. It is easy to brighten up a room in this situation. Most such spaces are perfectly suited to bare windows, but do exercise some common sense and caution when necessary. For example, if your family room is partially below ground you will want to check if high, ground level windows allow too much visibility from the exterior of your home. You will have to determine whether or not this is actually a problem based on the overall positioning and location of your home before deciding to leave your windows completely uncovered and untreated. 

Sky Lights
Sky lights are not a viable option for every family room but they are an exciting way to let in the sun and views of the beautiful night sky when installation is possible. They are a particularly excellent addition when various factors require normal windows to remain covered. Your kids will love sky lights and you will enjoy the unique appeal they bring to your home. 

Flexible Privacy 
If the benefits of leaving your windows bare sound attractive in the daytime but the idea raises personal concerns as the sun sets then try finding a middle ground. For example, you might make use of a track curtain that can provide complete privacy in the evening and night hours while offering the capability of sliding away to leave windows bare when daylight returns. 
William Cross of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use large wall artwork and trees wall artwork.  

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