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By William Cross | Other/Just Looking in Chicago, IL

Craft Room Organization Tips that Actually Work

Craft rooms are great for spreading out and enjoying your favorite craft activity; plus they keep craft supplies and tools from taking over other portions of your home. However, a craft room is not much fun if it is perpetually disorganized and keeping clutter, supplies and essentials organized and under control can be a challenge. Here are some craft room organization tips that actually work.

Storage Options that Work
Storage solutions will only work if they are geared to your particular craft and what you need to store. Obviously, jars and jars of craft paint need a different solution than a stack of fabric and felting supplies. The solution you choose should be easy to access, otherwise you won’t stick with it. For some crafts, like sewing, open cubbies work well because you can stack and organize folded material in different cubbies. If you have wide rolls of fabric or rolled drawings to store, open floor bins are often the best option. Adopt other storage solutions to fit your needs: For example, a wall spice rack can be an ideal place to store bottles of paint or glitter. Plastic hanging shoe racks that have pocket style storage are also ideal for storing tubes of paint, markers, pencils and rulers, rolled fabric, small hand tools and more.  Inexpensive plastic bins from the Dollar Store area also ideal for a variety of supplies; just pick the size that works for what you need to store. Clear bins that can be stacked are especially convenient. Pegboard is an inexpensive solution that is easy to mount right above or beside your work table; you’ll find lots of accessories, from hooks to shelf bins, that can hold various supplies while keeping them right at your fingertips.

Think ahead if you have a need to move your crafting to a friends house or to a class. You can keep most of your supplies in shelves or cabinets and use a rolling cart or fold out tote to cart supplies off to another location.

Allow Plenty of Work Space
Make sure that your craft room offers enough table or work space so that it doesn’t get easily cluttered while you’re working. A table or work surface that is too small will add to your frustration instead of your enjoyment and make it hard to keep the room organized. Extra space can be gleaned from folding tables that can be set up when needed, then stowed away when that portion of a project is finished. You might also build a fold-down work surface that can be mounted up against the wall when not in use.

Taking Control of Trash
Depending on your craft, trash can become a problem, especially if little scraps of fabric or paper are left behind. A small bin that can be mounted on the side of the table is a great solution for such scrapes because you can just swipe them into the bin as you work. No matter what kind of craft project you are working on, you’ll find clean up easier when you’re finished if you tidy up as you work.

William Cross writes for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com where he provides detailed instructions for decorating with wooden wall artwork and large abstract wall art.

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