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By Wilhelm Koenig | Mortgage Broker
or Lender in Oklahoma City, OK

Isn't it time to fix your credit?

A low credit score can raise the price you pay for almost everything: cars, homes, insurance, and anything bought on credit.  Over a lifetime, it can easily add up to an extra $500,000 dollars that you may pay for the same items, the same lifestyle, just with higher interest rates due to poor credit.

And you’re not alone.  Studies have shown that 75% of all people’s credit reports have errors that may reduce their scores.  Luckily, I know a team that can help.  I get solicited by credit repair companies all the time, but I only recommend Continental Credit, and here is why:

They are honest, professional, and very cheap.   While other companies charge $700-$1000 up front before they even begin working, Continental Credit gives you a $100 discount on their lifetime membership (only $88 instead of the normal $188), and they only cost $39 per month.  You can start and stop when ever you’d like with no penalties or extra charges.

Here’s how to sign up with them:

  1. Go to http://www.continentalcreditonline.com/index.html
  2. Or call (866) 488-2066 and ask for Will, Sebastien, or Kadow.

They will let you know exactly what they can do, how long it will take, and your estimated credit score.  As always, I am here to help you finance your life in the way that brings you life- so you can spend that extra $500,000 on what is really important to you.

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By Marvin Von Renchler,  Wed Apr 3 2013, 17:33
You can repair your own credit. Just do a web search. There are scores immune from your manipulation though. For example, a score is used by INSURANCE companies. That sets your premium,s and other features of the policy. Its said that they use different algorithms but no one has access for prrof. In fact---they dont even tell you about the score, and theywill not let yousee whats inyour report. If not accurate you have NO way of changing it. I went to our Capitol as credit witness with some CRA owners and a group of insurance agents. This state was considering stopping the insurance industry from using the score system. Of course the big three repsositories had reps there and the Isaac Fair company had a particularly nasty and aggressive rep who attacked one of the CRA owners and even tried it on me. We ended up losing and in Oregon the ins industry uses scores. Interesting to note that the mans CRA (Credit Reporting Agency) was broken into several weeks later and all his computer equipment was destroyed, leading to him leaving the business. True story. Folks---the credit score industry is the largest money making cash cow scam on this planet. FICO and the credit bureaus will make money off every single human being that ever has a credit file. Do you know why they all offer FREE credit reports?? Becasue once your file is pulled, all its info becomes AVAILABLE FOR SALE to whoever wants to use it to try and sell you stuff. Thats the tip of the iceberg. Also, they love it when there are errors, as they CHARGE to have them corrected. Each time credit is pulled on you for a mortgage report, did you know that pull is immediately sold to other mortgage brokersso they can call and try to beat the rates by the first broker? You loan brokers know about that? I had a mortgage company for 30 years starting in 1980. Ive fought FICO and their tye for all of those years. The credit score makers are not required to prove anything to anyone---they are immune. No one can ever know if any credit report is really accurate. Cant be done. Being judged by your score is like stepping up to a judge in court. The guy in front of you was 6'2" and ran over someone. The auto insurance companies decide that you are a greater risk becasue you are also 6'2". The score is a composit of the behavior of a number of tracked consumers---we NEVER EVER GET TO KNOW WHAT PEOPLE, WHEN THEY WERE TRACKED, WHERE THEY WERE, WHAT ECONOMIC CONDITIONS were like in each persons area, etc etc etc. And the score companies have different models! You can have one score today but a different one tomorrow even with no changes to your account. It shoulkd be abollished. We used to consider peoples credit worthiness the old fashioned way by personally evaluating their habits. The world didnt have millions of defaults and bankruptcies then.

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