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By Virginia Mendez | Both Buyer and Seller in Lake Oswego, OR

The Advantages of Buying than in Renting

You are secure
A felling of security you would feel if you own a home and especially it is away form in inflation. You are the only one who holds the key

You can invest
Paying your mortgage meaning you are acquiring a possession over time. Just not like in renting the more you pay the more you will feel that you now own the home. The things you buy and the furniture that you purchase will now be valued since you now own the home.

Many tax advantages
Depending in your situation your entire mortgage can be deductible in your income tax. Check and ask you accountant what are the benefits you will get in home ownership. You can also ask your real estate in Lake Oswego real estate what are the benefits if you own a home.

You can save money

 Home buying is much cheaper than renting in long run. In few years home renting is cheaper than home buying but later on the payment of the rent will increase as time goes by and especially when economic crisis occur.

Proper leverage
You can buy home nowadays as low as 5%. This is very possible with any investment. You can be sure that .you will only pay little amount of your down payment like when you acquire homes in Lake Oswego homes for sale. Expect that this down payment will not increase as much since they will maintain this to help other home buyers especially the first timer. In having this you are just like playing your favorite game. Believe that buying a home is cheaper and more practical than renting a home. Be sure that that you will buy home in good terms. Owning a home is our pride.

 When you have your own home you will feel the satisfaction that you ever wanted and you would really feel the sense of accomplishment in many ways.

Constant payments
If you rent home, you would realize that you are spending your money much on the rent of the home than in your expenses. That’s why it is more preferable that you will buy a home than to rent because you will spend less on the maintenance than in your expenses.

Credit opportunity
 If you own a home you can have your loan as soon as you want to. You can lend money anywhere because you will not think any other monthly payables. Any credit card companies will let you credit money in faster way since they will entertain first those who have their own home. You can also ask in Lake Oswego real estate.

You have freedom
If you own your home, you can do everything in your home as long as you want. No one will prohibit you since you own it. You don’t need approval in your landlord in time s when you want to repaint or decorate your home because it is now your own property especially in Lake Oswego homes for sale.

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