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By Spirit Messingham | Agent in 85716

Significant Change to MLS Keyboxes Coming...

As a buyer's agent I show a lot of properties, many of which are REO (Real Estate Owned) Foreclosures.  I have viewed hundreds of them in various states and conditions over the years.  I am sure many listing agents, especially those with 10+ REO listings are not going to be found of TAR MLS decision to require no more "contractor's lockboxes" on listings after end of June.  You can read the specifics below.  I don’t care about the cost they will incur, as a buyer's agent I am THRILLED with this decision.  I can't tell you how many times I have called, left a message for an agent here in Tucson asking for the lockbox code (which I need to gain access to the listing, to show my client a house they are interested in) and they could not even be bothered with returning my call.  

Better yet are  the crackerjack agents whose cell phones are so full of (unreturned) messages, I am not even allowed to leave a message asking for the lockbox code.  It is pretty simple math, if I can't get the code how am I to show the house?  If they don't give the code out, how do they expect to sell the house?  It is the banks that actually pay the price for these agents (and for those not in the industry it is a far higher % than you can imagine) that can't or never learned proper business etiquette.  This is not rocket science here folks, answer your phone or if you can't allow the person calling you to leave a message which by the way, according to ADRE they (the listing agent) are required to return within 24 hrs. 

I for one am EXCITED to hear of this announcement, and it is a long time coming in my opinion.  I pay for and put approved Keysafes on all my listings and these agents taking the bulk REO listings can play the same game and rules as the rest of us.

The MLS Board of Directors has approved a very important change regarding keyboxes. The purpose of this change is to further ensure the integrity and security of the keybox based showing system, and improve the information available to MLS members.

place>City>place>City>. After June 27th, 2011, it will be an MLS violation to use a non MLS approved keybox for the purpose of having a property shown for sale. The only approved keybox is the Supra iBox.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions.



By Jim Mitchell,  Thu May 12 2011, 12:31
Sure wish ARMLS would do the same here in Phoenix and surrounding areas!
By Sandra Paulow,  Thu May 12 2011, 12:34
So far the White Mountain Association has taken the stand that the Agent can put whatever box they want on their listings as long as the Seller approves something other than a Supra Box. Thus far it hasn't really been a problem getting the codes. Our board rules state we cannot show a property without calling the listing office before we go to let them know we are showing the property and most of the time the agents or the offices have the information we need to do that. Can't say I blame you though, if you can't get in a property you can't sell it and that really isn't right. Sounds like there are a lot of busy REO Agents who like to double dip those listings.
By Allan Erps,  Thu May 12 2011, 15:53
Interesting as we have all traded in for new MLS boxes here and get instant notifications for showings of my listings. The old Boxes are a joke, but understand many Brokers or Agents with dozens of listings may find the price of these boxes too costly!
By Spirit Messingham,  Thu May 12 2011, 16:32
The "new" Supra boxes are outstanding, I can log into MLS and see in real time who has visted a property, cell phone number and etc. Makes calling for feedback and a breeze. There are some company's here in Tucson that have done nothing but capitalize on the REOs, they have so many listings they simply slap on a contractors box, have a sign company drop their sign and are done. There have been times I have asked them questions about a property (when I am able to get a hold of them) they have listed, and they couldn't answer because they admitted they have never been to the property they are listing.
My best example is of a company here and for liability reasons I am not going to name names, I got all the way through, completed the transaction and never once was able to speak with another agent. How bad is that?
I am noticing an uptick in the market here in Tucson, and curious to see if it continues into the summer months when things typcially slow down.

Good luck out there.
By Scott Hulen,  Fri May 13 2011, 04:38
I think it’s a great idea! In addition to your comments Spirit it solves other problems which really upset me such as: part time agents who can’t afford to have the tools such as a smart phone / I box key maybe they will quit. Also it solves the problem of agents going with the client to view the homes instead of just handing out the code. Many in our area take the attitude of for a 1200.00 commission on a 50 / 50 split I’m not going to take the time to drive around clients to look at smelly 50,000 homes. I see hundreds of REO’s every year and at least once every couple of weeks I come across a client with no agent and the code to the home.

Scott Hulen randshomes.com
By Spirit Messingham,  Sat May 14 2011, 15:27
Excellent point Scott, I had never considered agent's were simply giving out the code, to lazy to show. To someone like me that does everything "by the book", the thought had never even occurred to me to do that. Thanks for the good input.
By Spirit Messingham,  Wed Jun 15 2011, 21:32
I have heard this is on hold now because a brokerage that does mostly REO's here in Tucson,AZ is making complaints. I wish TARMLS would make a decision & stick to it, tired of dealing with contractors boxes & not being able to show properties.
By Carmen Brodeur- Top 1% Realtor,  Thu Jun 16 2011, 13:11
Awesome. That is a very welcome change indeed.

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