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By Tia M. Stanley | Agent in Williamsburg, VA


Home buyers are going to be regretful when they realize that they have waited too long to lock-in the best interest rates. Rates have been at 5% and less for a while, but have now jumped up to 5.62%, which is still good...but the higher the rate goes, the less house you can buy.

I believe that rates are going to soar leaving many buyers unable to purchase. It is economic fact that to stave off inflation it will be necessary to raise the interest rates. Well, we have already received a small taste of this in the past week. In fact several buyers I have been encouraging to be proactive, are now having to lock-in at a higher rate than they expected. What a difference a week makes.

Some of the blame is on the media who reports the possibility of lower rates, which may never come and in this case did not. I am speaking of those waiting for 3.75 or...gasp... even lower rates. Once again, it has been proven that trying to 'time the market' is near impossible.

While I am no expert, I do pay attention and apply common sense, and it seems that I have advised my clients correctly. Of course, it is possible that we may see another dip in the rates, we may see several, who knows? We don't. We do know that the rates are notably more than they were a week ago. They may be 6% by next week. Are you willing to take that chance?

If you are a home buyer that is considering a purchase, and are capable of owning a home, now may be the time to get on board while rates are still reasonable. I will not be surprised if our rates hit 10-11% or even higher such as 18-21% like the 1980's. It has happened before and history likes to repeat itself.


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