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By Thomas Seeley | Agent in Akron, OH

Should I get a home inspection?

I recommend getting a home inspection with your real estate purchase.A solid home inspection can save you from costly home repairs and unseen problems.You cannot get your home inspection payment back after ordering an inspection but, is it better to pay for an inspection or find out after you buy the property that you need a new $10,000 roof or septic system?It is helpful to know the structural integrity of the property your buying and little things you might need to repair that you never thought of.Hows the roof?What type of plumbing system do I have?Any signs of water intrusion?How much is it gonna cost me?The home inspector will go over everything he finds in person with you at the property if you like and also he will give you a detailed written report so you have it in writing.Its up to you as the home buyer ultimately.If you don't get one it can cost you in the long run.


By Emmanuel Scanlan,  Fri Jun 5 2009, 04:04
Hello Thomas,

Naturally as a Professional Inspector I advise all buyers to have a home inspection. However, as a consumer and home buyer myself I can tell you I would never buy nor build without having the home inspected. I've inspected new homes with $25,000.00 + worth of required repairs due to errors or bad work. I've also been in 50 year old homes where all I found were minor issues. In all cases the clients now have the information to decide how they wish to proceed and/or feel very comfortable with their purchase decision.

It is important as you stated to have a detailed written report of the inspection findings, along with a thorough briefing of what was found. If I may point out also that when you select your Inspector make sure that they are committed to providing follow-on support not only through your transaction but also well down the road during your home ownership. Clients should be able to contact their Inspector later and just ask questions if needed.

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By Allan Erps,  Wed Jul 27 2011, 04:57
Should not be a question of getting one in the majority of purchases. Protecting a large investment is essential. Remember the addage, "penny wise & pound foolish".!!

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