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By Linda Eidson | Agent in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Take Back Home Ownership!

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling  |  March 8, 2011 11:45 AM  |  1,350 views  |  No comments

    Home ownership makes a difference in our lives. We can change the way we look at it by selling our home and leaving the state, remodel what we have already, wait for the market to change, which is ? or be empowered by the advantageous ways we can take back the way we want to live by finding ways that fit our budgets. Take a few minutes and evaluate your situation and see if just a few dollars can achieve that for you, or we can sit back and wait for something to happen? That said, you know as well as I do we have to take this market and make it our own. No  one said it would be easy but let's at least try and make our dream come true. Right now there are more Buyers coming to our area to purchase with the cash they have in their pockets, literally. You will have to be ready to find what they want or you'll be left in the dust by the many homeowners ready to sell or buy their home and looking for Realtors brushing the sand off their sandals to get them in their cars to that next beach house or listing they own. These are the creative ones that see the market for what it is and take it by the horns and work it to help others and make a living for themselves. I remember just a few years ago when people said they wouldn't be coming back to Florida and did anyway. After the wild wintry snow, and ice storms the South, North and North Eastern states endured this long winter did you really think they were going to stay away forever? Of course not. Seriously, let's get real and stay level headed. Right now we have the best buys Florida has to offer and  it would be a shame to finally miss out on owning the home you have always dreamed of.
  • Be Trulia To Yourself!

    Posted Under: Using Trulia in Jupiter  |  September 22, 2010 7:39 PM  |  1,529 views  |  3 comments
    Hello is anyone out there? Hi, this is Lois with The Eidson Team coming at ya live from Jupiter, Florida. Had a few words of wisdom to share. We have this fabulous website we can use for F............R..............E...................E.............. Did I say Free? Why I sure did!
    It's called Trulia. Wow, I must say it again, Wow! Our team has taken advantage of the Blogging, Listings for sale and Rental ads online on the website with our photos added and the open houses we can put on etc. etc. etc.
    Let us not forget the knowledge you can receive from the discussions and the referrals that are sometimes someone we can help. We can boast about our our expertise and experiences; Lol, or share them. We prefer to share them.
    Most of the time everyone responds relatively quick to the requests and or questions out there. What really impresses us is that we have noticed more and more Realtors, are helping each other by contributing their ideas and thoughts, that could be a gold mine at a seminar. If you haven't followed a discussion or missed out on having your say, you haven't been Trulia to yourself. Let us just say, take advantage of this wonderful tool we have to use. We are grateful for it and happy to have all of you to share it with. 
    The Eidson Team wants to thank Trulia for being there for us and all who are a part of it. It is going to remain with our team for years to come. You can meet so many people. Who knows when you may just be talking to a buyer, seller or someone looking for a referral and you just happen to be online. The people that work for Trulia will help you any time you need them. A question and or advice and they are there. 
    Lois, wants to thank her team members, Linda and Joe, for their support of these Blogs I write. My Broker for encouraging me and all the others who have been brave enough to read them. Lol..
    http://www.homesrez4u.com   It's EZ with The Eidson Team!  Be Trulia to yourself!

  • Junkies Go Green!

    Posted Under: Going Green in Jupiter  |  July 9, 2010 6:56 PM  |  1,466 views  |  No comments
    Okay, time to clean up our junk. I love it when people tell you they are green and use everything but the items that make up what going green is all about. We are mostly all not quite there yet, if we're honest with ourselves we are left over junkies that haven't cleaned up to hardly even think green yet. What a shame. I know you're thinking the nerve of this girl but I think more people are thinking about how to go green. I want to be more green and less of a junkie.

    This is a good story. I was in a store the other day that had half the lights off and thought they were conserving electricity. Come to find out they just hadn't taken the time to change any of the bulbs. After everyone started making comments to the manager, I actually overheard him telling people, he was conserving electricity and just starting the green process. Give me a break, bud. I won't tell you who this was but he isn't even worthy of even being a junkie. We have another name for people like him. LOL 

    Let's really think about all the things we can do to help. Before you know it, more green things will start happening than you've ever seen before. A1 moving and storage, gave me a green pen from recycled material. They handed them out at a class my team partners in Real Estate and I took, involving the college, at FAU in Jupiiter. This pen has become a favorite of mine and I really love it. I hope just using it will help someone think green. I know my business partners like using them too.
    I gave this pen, to a client of mine, to sign his contract and said to him, "this is a green pen."  He said, "this isn't green, Lois, it's flesh colored with blue." His brother started laughing and said, "the pen's not green in color, you dummy, it's called a green pen as it's from recycled material. I think a junkie made this pen.

    Before green can happen we have to change our own environment and learn what green means and what going green can do for our environment. A few things we can do to get started is 3 simple steps.

    1.Change your bulbs from one year to the 7+ year ones. They will save you on your electric and the energy used is less than a what a standard bulb would draw. They finally have the smaller energy efficient bulbs that will fit your lighting under your globes that are attached to your ceiling fans. Before they didn't have the size and now you can purchase just about any size you want.

    2.Make sure when you purchase your next major appliance go to conserving more energy with a higher energy rating. Don't be afraid to ask questions which can save you money if you can't go all out like me and buy top of the line.

    3. There are many laundry soaps that are marked with an HE on the bottle. That means less used and not as soapy which helps in conserving the level of water being used when washing your clothes etc. 

    Okay all you Junkies...... Let's go green! This is a mailbox holder a neighbor has that is made out of compressed sand. It's about going green and was very patriotic for the 4th of July we just celebrated and for the topic at hand.The mailbox itself isn't recycled.

    Lois A. Armstrong, is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. She works with her family Linda and Joe Eidson, as a Team. She loves to write blogs and tries to keep them interesting and entertaining. Her information deals with Real Estate, life and her dogs sometimes for fun. She hopes you enjoy what you read as much as she loves writing them. Their Team's Motto is, It's EZ with the Eidson Team! http://www.homesrez4u.com.
  • What's the Score?

    Posted Under: For Rent in Jupiter  |  June 30, 2010 5:31 PM  |  1,456 views  |  No comments

    Remember when we could just do a credit check and it would tell you just how good a Tenant is at paying their bills etc. Well, not always true anymore. Take this for example: Not too long ago, my partners and myself, put a Tenant in with an Owner that had a very good background check and a decent credit score. What do I mean by decent? I am talking the high 600's. Actually, almost 700 to be exact. Looking into the credit check we ran we noted that the prospective tenant had a short sale 2 years ago. They told us, they didn't pay everything off but the bank let them sell their house at a price, that didn't even come close to paying it off.  Obviously we have a broken system. First off, don't even get me started on who named a short sale a short sale. It should be called the long haul. That's all I am saying as we all know the horror stories. Maybe I will wait until I get over the nightmare before I write a blog on that issue. Back to the rental story.

    Hey, I want to rent to people with good scores and great background checks just like the next guy. No harm no foul as they say.  I just want to give you a warning that high credit score doesn't always mean a person doesn't have some credit issues. Make sure you run a complete report when you are renting property. The owner you have now may not be the one you have down the road if you just take a credit check without a background check. I am not saying they aren't going to pay the rent, just make sure you follow through. Make the calls to see if the last previous owners had any problems. If you aren't managing the property for the owner, suggest to them to make the calls to previous places where the tenant lived. That can usually put aside much doubt and let you know more about who you are renting to. The people they talk to, may tend to open up more to the person that owns the place calling, than you saying you are calling for the owner. It really shows the person calling that owns their place that they care not only about their property, but how the person they are checking out, is going to be taking care of the place etc. So important!

    So, what's the score? The prospective Tenant may have a few issues you can bare. Just make sure you are prepared to do some research. We should care more about the person than what their score is. They may actually have a good solid payment history with all their previous tenancies. You may consider giving them the benefit of the doubt. Just make sure you do your homework before you let just anyone in. Knock knock....who's there?  Get the story before you get their score....ee.

    Lois A. Armstrong, is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. She works with her family Linda and Joe Eidson, as a Team. She loves to write blogs and tries to keep them interesting and entertaining. Her information deals with Real Estate, life and her dogs sometimes for fun. She hopes you enjoy what you read as much as she loves writing them. Their Motto is, It's EZ with the Eidson Team! http://www.homesrez4u.com.
  • Grass Roots, Daddy, Joe!

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Jupiter  |  June 20, 2010 3:12 PM  |  1,459 views  |  No comments
    Today is Father's day and my 2 dogs wanted tothank him and show barks of love for my brother in law, Joe. Here's Joe, holding my 2 favorite dogs as puppies. They only have known Joe as their dad, as they were taken away when they were 8 weeks young, from their real dad. They have grown to love Joe more and more over the years. Bobo, the one on the right, hugs Joe, to let him know he trusts him. Izzy, the dog on the left is looking around to make sure he is the only option she has before she decides to finally settle in with him. Lol  I took these pictures for some fun shots when Izzy was so small it looked like she would be swallowed up by the green bladed grass roots monster. Luckily, she was protected by grass roots, daddy, Joe.  I thought this would make for a great, Happy Fathers day, for my brother in law, Joe. He doesn't even realize not only does his girls, Kathy, Sandy and Debbie, love him and his son Eric, known as EJ, but so does Bobo and Izzy. Of course I love him too!

    Lois A. Armstrong, is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. She works with her family Linda and Joe Eidson, as a Team. She loves to write Blogs and tries to keep them interesting and entertaining. Her information deals with Real Estate, life and her dogs sometimes for fun. She hopes you enjoy what you read as much as she loves writing them. Their Motto is, It's EZ with the Eidson Team! http://www.homesrez4u.com.

  • Interesting History Lies Here!

    Posted Under: Parks & Recreation in Jupiter  |  June 8, 2010 5:37 AM  |  1,441 views  |  No comments
    I work as a Realtor in Jupiter, Florida. We have nice advantages here. First off, the Jupiter Inlet where boats head off from the intercoastal waterways, to the cool blue ocean, to roam among the beauty of all the surrounding million dollar homes and it's many white sandy beach areas. The Jupiter Lighthouse which is an historic site, keeps it's lights shining at night, to tuck in the boats as they come in to their designated dock slips to say goodnight. 

    Some of our history on the east side, started with Ralph's stand up bar, a meeting place that people used as the local post office years ago. Can you imagine going in and ordering a drink while you stand and socialize while they are getting your mail. Ralph give me a stamp with that drink. Lol. Not a bad concept actually. That was an interesting time in Jupiter to be sure. 

    Out west we have the Everglades Park, with it's long haired willows, bending over with their long hairy fullness, to remind us of their character and longevity. So many stories I never knew ever existed among these trees.You should go out to the park and let, Richard J. Procyk,  a local Historian, tell you more about the history of Jupiter. He wrote the book, Guns Across The Loxahatchee. Just for a taste, we had the Red and the Black Seminole Indians fighting our own Armed forces, for Florida. There is more to tell in the breezes of Riverbend Park, which you can feel, while standing amongst the trees. Just it's natural beauty pulls you in, is a good enough reason you should visit, if you haven't ventured there. I would tell you more but you would have no reason to come. Why not make Jupiter, Florida your next trip and learn about the history we've had in the past and what is now forming our future. 

    Lois A. Armstrong P.A. is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. She works with her sister, Linda Eidson, and her brother in law, Joe Eidson. They are three full time Realtors, helping Buyers and Sellers find their way home. Lois, likes to write about her 2 dogs named, Bobo and Izzy. They love to put their noses in the Real Estate business and life issues with a daily Blog called; What Can We Learn at: http://www.joinablog.blogspot.com. She and her team, are known as, The Eidson Team and their website is: http://www.homesrez4u.com. Their Motto is: It's EZ With The Eidson Team!
  • Real Estate, Anything Can Happen!

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Jupiter  |  June 3, 2010 4:28 PM  |  1,516 views  |  1 comment

    I work as a Realtor in Jupiter, Florida. It's one of the most beautiful cities I know of. You have this beautiful body of water which is our Inter-coastal waterway. This picture, I took is from our own, Historic Jupiter Lighthouse. My partners, happen to be my family members and we are in a business, that can be like being on a wave runner. It definitely has it's ups and downs. One minute you can be working with people that make it very easy to be around and all this beauty becomes even more so. The next minute who knows.One things for sure, when you meet the Buyer(s) make sure you go over everything that can happen while looking for a home. You explain all the possibilities of finding the home right away, multiple offers, other agents cards that have shown the house and having the right terms etc.You go over absolutely everything you can think of, before you take them out that door and put them in your car, to look for a home. You pass this beautiful Inter-coastal site and just know it's going to be the perfect day.

    You are at the first house and right off the bat, you find them just what they're looking for, so you think. They even went in and said, "this is it!" They walked out and can't stop talking about everywhere their furniture could go etc. etc. etc. You say, "are you ready to write up the home?" They look at you and say, "we need to look at the other homes first, what if there's something better? Besides, you only showed us one house." WHAT? I say, "you just found the home you want and I can honestly say you probably won't find another house just like it. We can look all day and how would you feel if that house sells?"

    They say, "we're not worried about that in this market." I say in a very friendly voice, "it doesn't matter what market, remember we spoke about how there can always be multiple offers, in a good or a down market." They say, "we don't care" but the whole time you are showing them what do you think they are doing? You guessed it, they're comparing the next few houses to the one they saw first.

    You decide to try again and say, "are you sure you don't want to do something with the first house?" Suddenly, that warm feeling, you had when you first met this couple becomes compromised because you have questioned their decision. They proceed to tell you in a stern tone of voice, "you are just wanting to write something up." I really don't know why this happens, or why people go to that place but as a professional, I let them know that couldn't be further from the truth. My job is to find them the home of their dreams and I know they wanted that house they walked out of. No matter what I say, at this point, they have made up their minds they are going to continue to look. I feel like the wounded enemy all of a sudden.

    They aren't finding anything all day long that even looks like the home they found so you finally say, "let's call and make sure the first house you saw is still available?" They finally agree to have you make the call but they can't believe you said, to see if it's still available.They look at you like you have three heads. They saw the other cards at that house they walked in but for some reason, refuse to think, someone else would love it as much as they do. This is something you went over at the beginning upon first meeting. Remember, multiple offers. I call and guess what? You guessed it, the house is under contract.They find that impossible to believe even with what you told them.They are looking at you and are angry because it SOLD.

    Now, I am not that kind of person going to that place of I told you so. I say, "we will find you another home that you will like as much, if not more." Why? You want to find these people a place to call home. You are a true professional and that is your job. All the words won't make it any better, for them, as they lost the home they wanted but they accept what you say. Why, you say? You are sincere and not making them feel bad about what happened. This is only one of the challenges you will face as a Realtor. Just remember, no matter what you do or say, a person is going to do what they want no matter what you have to say. Be kind and show you are there as their guide to help them see everything that comes available and let them know you will not give up. They look at you and usually say, "we don't know why we didn't move on that house, other than it just seemed to all happen too fast."

    Not all your clients and customers, are going to do this to you, in Real Estate. Some will write up that house right away. No matter how you wrap your mind around what happened, you know you did everything you could to get them the house, and can't blame yourself. Just remember, anything can happen.


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