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By MICHAEL J. GALLO | Agent in Port Richey, FL

How to Price Your Home for Sale in Trinity and New Port Richey

How to Price Your Home for Sale in New Port Richey or Trinity Florida

Selling your home in New Port Richey or Trinity Floridain any market will depend on your homes pricing.  Hiring a Realtor is the first step to gaining the knowledge needed to properly price your home.  Your Realtor will prepare aComparative Market Analysis of your home.  This market analysis will approach pricing your home from a sales comparable method.  This means that the report will look at homes as exact to yours as possible in size, location, number of bedrooms etc... and compare their sales prices to give you insight as to where you need to price your home in order to sell it.  Buyers shop homes based on their price first.

The market sets the sales price for you.  None of us can control the market.  We can however control our activity within it.  The market will dictate what your homes sales value is.  What you owe, what you paid, what you spent in upgrades are not deciding factors in your homes market price.  Stainless appliances, hardwood floors, granite counter tops are all very nice upgrades but they do not necessarily add value to your home.  They will however help you home sell at the right price when compared to homes that do not have these features.  I am not saying you will not be able to sell for more than your neighbor without these things.  I am simply saying that you cannot take the cost of your upgrades and add it on top of the sales comparisons in the market report.

Having your home in the Multiple Listing Service is very important.  Keep in mind that buyers are searching for their home based on market value in a particular area.  Let's say your homes market value is $225,000 to $235,000 and you demand that your Realtor price your home at $275,000 or more.  Two things will happen here.  Either your Realtor will say thank you for your time, it was a pleasure meeting you.  Call me when you are serious about selling.  OR they do what you say and your home hits the market at $275,000.  You have just gone through all the time, trouble and your Realtor's money to list a home for sale that no one will see.  The buyers who want to move into your area know that 5 homes sold in your neighborhood in the last 6 months between $225,000 and $235,000 the buyers maximum price search will be $245,000 at best.  They will never see your home online or in the MLS.  When these buyers drive through your neighborhood to look at the homes priced correctly they will pass your house and for sale sign and ask their Realtor "why are we not looking at that home" and their Realtor replies "it is way overpriced. they are not serious about selling".  

Serious Buyers are Attracted to Serious Sellers.  Price your home properly and it will be sold in under 45 days.  The longer a home is on the market the less it sells for in the end.  You have one shot to price your home right. You have one shot to attract the first and best offer.  You have one shot to sell your home for the most money possible.

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