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By Jeffrey DiMuria | Agent in Melbourne, FL
  • Email Question: Why Should I Price My Home At $350,000?

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Highlands Ranch  |  December 29, 2010 2:36 PM  |  1,806 views  |  1 comment

    FYI: This really isn't a question about the value...all three Realtors who went on the listing appointment came out with about the same value for the home....what the client was asking me about in this email was why 350k...instead of $349,900 or 348,775 (what the other two agents suggested).

    Client Question: Jeff, both the other agents suggested I list the home just below the 350k you suggested because it looks better to potential buyers. They pointed out that at stores you go into or gas stations usually price just below  the rounded off number. I do not want to make a mistake and price wrong by just a few dollars....

    The email was much longer...but you get the idea.

    Here is my answer (I am leaving names and Realtors out of this post). I will call my client John.

    My Answer: John, The $350,000 I suggested is not a mistake. Pricing your home the way the other two agents suggested would be the mistake and here is why:

    First Keep in mind...we are not selling groceries at Safeway or Socks at WalMart...I am sure tuna looks better on the self at .99 cents instead of $1.00...and socks look better at $9.99 instead of $10.00...but we are selling your home...not socks or tuna.

    Buyers today (94%+ based on NAR Stats) go to the Internet first when buying a home. They shop based on rounded off numbers...as an example $300k to 350k...or $350k to $400k. They do not go from $349,900 to $362,750...off pricing puts you in a box....and here is what I mean by that....if you price at $249,999 you are not going to get in the $350-400k search. Does this mean your home does not compare to a home priced at $360k? Here is what is even worse...when automatic email notifications of properties go out (A client wants all the properties in Denver between $350 and $400k emailed to them) it can be set up to automatically do this each day. Your home priced at $349,990 does not fit between those two numbers...so the client never sees your home and that means there is little or no chance they will fall in love with it and buy it.

    By pricing the way I suggested...right on $350,000 you will be the most expensive home in the $300-$350 search...or the least expensive home in the $350-400k search...but YOU GET IN BOTH SEARCHES!!!! This increases your chances of selling by putting your home in front of more buyers...and trust me...no buyers are out there saying..."At $349,900 put this one on our list...but at $350,000 these guys are crazy...do not show us that one."

    It seems to me that if an agent tells you to price at $349,900 or $348,750 what they are really telling you is they do not understand the Internet and how people buy homes today!

  • How To Sell Your Home Faster

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Highlands Ranch  |  December 14, 2010 11:12 AM  |  1,787 views  |  No comments

    This is a question that has little to do with the number of listings you have or the broker model you work for...it is about what you... as a Realtor are willing to do to best serve your clients!

    We looked at all the different zones that effect a home listing and its days on market, the price, the marketing, the home itself (location, layout, cleanliness, etc...), Internet presence, and type of brokerage (big name, medium sized firm, small or boutique).

    This is what I have determined:

    1. The price: Many agents make mistakes in this area...either pricing too high, too low, or missing special price points. You must use the best available comps for the home you are selling. Use what a home is Worth TODAY not a year ago into consideration! The biggest mistake is pricing on off dollar amounts (never price a home $149,990...price it at $150,000 it will appear in far more Internet searches and get you more traffic.

    2. Marketing: As a listing agent part of your job is to put on a lock box, put it in the MLS or listing service, and put out a sign....BUT your obligation does not end at that point! We pre-list the home (we get info to other agents in our office as well as many agents throughout the area that we have done business with to get a taste of what is coming up), I make sure our marketing materials at the home are fresh and attention getting, I put flyers at our listings that are full color and drive the potential buyer to my website (I know some agents will not agree with that but it is about selling the house and not capturing the buyer), and I hold the house open for my clients, driving traffic to the open house through signs, newspapers, and the Internet.

    3. The Home: We cannot change the layout but we can help call attention to the positive aspects of it. I have a home staging designation and I help my clients prepare the home to put it in its best available light! I let my clients know what to do with pets, extra furniture, paint colors, overgrown landscape, etc... and I have a list of experts that can help them treat each shortcoming.

    4. Internet Presence: This is the single most important aspect of what I do. I get my homes on as many websites and hosts as humanly possible. I make sure they are easy to find if someone is looking and I continuously re-input them. For this reason...and because of the time involved...we limit the number of listings we are willing to take!

    5. Broker Type: I did quite a bit of research and aligned myself with the largest broker in Denver (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokers). I did this for many reasons but the top reason was because a large broker like Coldwell Banker..and Residential Brokers will have the most available technology and will tend to invest in the latest products to help us stay on the cutting edge of sales. I never want to be left behind on some new product that may help reduce my  clients time on market because our broker does not have the resources available to take advantage of it!

  • Real Estate Rant

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Highlands Ranch  |  December 14, 2010 11:10 AM  |  313 views  |  No comments

    I am a really positive guy. I will help anyone with their website, blog technique, sales technique, listing presentation...you name it...I am there for anyone who asks. I get phone calls and emails from out of State Realtors looking for help...and I will always do my best...does not matter if your from Highlands Ranch or not!

    In fact this rant is about doing your best....so here goes:



    ...right. We all know it is in our clients best interest to have the directions to a home correct...if the agent or a potential buyer spends to much time trying to find a listing...they may just move on to the next home.

    ...but here it is...I showed 10 homes yesterday...4 of the listings had bad directions. Streets missing...right turns that should have been left turns...just a name of a street (without the RD, LN, CT, ST) and one of each type exists...I could go on and on.

    ...and in case you guys out there want to blame it on the ladies...2 screw ups were males and two females...it is lazy Realtors...and they come in all sizes and shapes.

    www.MileHighFineHomes.com   Please take the time to get your directions...and make sure they are correct!

  • Full Service Home Listing Special for Metro Denver Area...Hurry...Expires 8/31/10

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Denver  |  August 3, 2010 12:50 PM  |  509 views  |  No comments

    Thinking of selling your Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Congress Park, LoDo, Platt Park, Downtown Denver, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Lone Tree home? I am running a Full Service home listing special for those looking for the best available representation on the sale of their Central Denver south to Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines Home. Here is the advertisement:

    The list of services above are designed to make your home stand out from the other homes available for sale in your neighborhood. I work the Washington Park, LoDo, Downtown Denver, Congress Park, Cherry Creek, Platt Park south to Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Castle Pines area. The above offer is in addition to my normal full array of services.

    Call Me For additional Details!

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