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Sue Benson aka The Pink Lady's Blog

By Sue Benson aka The Pink Lady | Agent in Spring Hill, FL

Olympic withdrawal? Bring the games home!

Sad the games are coming to an end? No worries, you can bring this four year event to your home by getting into the house selling arena. So what do you need to know when your going for high marks in real estate? Here's five tips from The Pink Lady to get it sold and get you the gold!

1. Know your strength. In the Olympics, if you good at running you get in the marathon. So when you go to list your home take a look around. What made you buy the home? What's the best thing going for the house? The pool area? The large lot? Whatever it is, get it ready! No point, getting the race if you don't have your shoes tied.

2. Find a coach that can get you to the podium. Your coach should be your REALTOR. Find the one that knows the game and how to work it to your best advantage. But make sure you listen their advice, that's why you've hired them.

3. Train, Train, Train. Olympic athletes practice at least four years or nearly 1500 days to qualify to be part of history. You want your house to sell in Olympic time? Then you need to get your home in top form. For example, dust the plant shelves, call Stanley Steamer, and pull out the paint. Hey, maybe you'll end up with some muscles you can use on something else.

4. Time to suit up. Sign the papers, and get in the competition. You should know sooner rather than later how your home is doing. If you are a top contender, you should be getting showings which is a good sign. But showings and no offers means back to training. Make sure you have your REALTOR get you feedback. In other words, ask for the replay. You want to see the score! All tens should get you an offer!

5. Medal time! So you made it and got the offer. There's still work to be done . You have to make the press circuit, a.k.a. the inspection period.The inspections time is crucial! You may have won the game, but you want everyone to like you so you can those endorsements, right? So make your home accessible for the inspections, negotiate if you feel it's necessary, and fix what you can. Once you've done all that, sit back and enjoy the afterglow. You've just completed the Olympics of House Selling.

Sue Benson, a.k.a. The Pink Lady
email: suebensonremax@gmail.com

With special thanks to Erika Alves at Patriot Lending
email: ealves @patriotlending.com

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