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By Stew Keene | Agent in Scottsdale, AZ
  • Phoenix Homes Above 300k Hard to Sell

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Phoenix, Home Selling in Phoenix, Property Q&A in Phoenix  |  January 31, 2014 7:40 AM  |  519 views  |  1 comment
    It took a while, but the market that was once flush with Investors buying thousands of Phoenix homes finally came to a close in 2014 bringing no more homes available for buyers to purchase and making it a "buyers" market. I''ve been actively showing property in the higher than 300k range to a multitude of buyers looking and that has cooled off now.

    Why? Well, FHA loan limits in Maricopa county (all of Phoenix and Scotsdale) fell to 271k and sellers wringing their hands hoping to take advantage of that market are now having to drop their prices respecting the fact that fewer buyers are considering homes above the FHA range.

    One inf the incentives being offered those FHA buyers who qualify is the "Home in %" program. The program offers 5% of the sales price toward the buyers closing costs, pre-paids and dowm payment. Without those incentives buyers are fiding it difficule to come up with those funds needed to close on a home.

    300k and up is not the mark for homes out of the "affordability" range and comfort level for most home buyers. I am seeing price reductions of 20-50k on homes listed for sale more that 90 days. The result will be price drops within that range for sellers needing to sell.

    On the reverse side of that equasion, homes that are listed in the 250k or less range in a decent location and ample size can sell the day they are listed. So there is still demand for homes but much less demand for those over 300k. Keep that in mind when you decide to sell your home.

    Have a wonderful 2014!

    Stew Keene
  • Buyers Should Prepare For Viewing Phoenix Homes

    Posted Under: General Area in Phoenix, Home Buying in Phoenix, Property Q&A in Phoenix  |  July 13, 2012 9:00 AM  |  15,541 views  |  No comments

    Phoenix Buyers, Take Your Pad And Pencil

    Many of you that have worked with me as your Phoenix Real Estate Agent know that I use a lot of technology in my real estate business. I primarily use the iPad for showing homes across the valley, so much so that I even have a mount for it in the car. It allows me to look up the properties we are seeing, information about the area to know what's near by, look up crime statistics on the web sites offering that information and a bunch more stuff. The iPad allows me to take notes and pictures which is cool, BUT my point of the of this blog article "Phoenix Buyers Take You Pad and Pencil" takes us techie folks in a little different direction or a "Back to the Future" way of looking at things in their simplest form.

    All this technology stuff is great for me, BUT...

    I have found that nearly 95% of the time most people that I meet to go show property have nothing to write with. That means No way to reflect back on the homes they have seen, NO way to organize their familiarity with the different areas... nothing. I think that this is a shortfall among realtors who work with buyers these days so I wanted to suggest to the real estate community and of course to you buyers out there to have at least one tool in your belt besides your trusted real estate professional when you attempt to start viewing homes in Phoenix.

    Pick up a Pad and Pen

    Stop by the nearest location like a pharmacy or grocery store and pick up a school ledger and a pen and take it with you. Write down the address of the home(s) you are looking at and underneath each home address in the ledger make notes on the properties you see. this is a major step in remembering details because after 4-5 homes they will start to run together.

    Realtors out there in the Phoenix Metro, step up and order some note pads!

    Provide them to your clients. Get some custom notepads and pens made with your name and company logo on them. Present the buyer with a company folder and include an Arizona buyers Advisory, A Real Estate Agency & Election form, your business cards, the note pad and pen with your info on it. If you are really trying to step it up, include a Starbucks gift card for a couple coffee's, a map of the area and perhaps something that describes the natural plants or wildlife, recreational spots and a list of your favorite restaurants.

    If your Phoenix buyers have a special interest...

    in something like Golf, Boating, Hiking, Mountain Biking and other recreation OR you know that in advance, put some of information in that folder on those things and start getting them educated about Phoenix and the Great state of Arizona. Having this in a buyers hands allows them to have the freedom to further explore the area they are considering without having to have their Realtor tag along.

    This kind of information is important because you have to remember that not everyone that arrives in Phoenix Arizona at the hotel will have their laptops, iPads and all those homes you had them save printed out and neatly organized.

    "The basics of Real Estate Sales still apply and a note pad and pen are still a great thing to have around when you need it"

    Best of success to you all in your home search while you are here in Phoenix or Scottsdale looking for a home. Work with a Real Estate Professional so you know you'll always have the best tool for your the job.

    Have a GREAT Summer!


    Scottsdale Real Estate

  • I Just Helped A Buyer Get $15,000 Towards A Home Purchase

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Phoenix, Financing in Phoenix  |  June 19, 2012 8:57 AM  |  1,964 views  |  No comments
    Yep, you read it right 15 thousand dollars!

    The contribution was provided to the buyer as a NHS assistance program provided by the City of Phoenix to help folks purchase a home in Phoenix specifially without an area restriction meaning anywhere in the City of Phoenix.

    Here's how it went. The buyer had to have 3.5% of their own funds saved for the FHA loan that they qualified and were approved for in advance of asking for the contribution to be approved, then the NHS program was used to pay all their closing costs and the balance was paid toward the principle amount borrowed.

    On the 150,000 dollar house they purchased, they ended up with their total closing costs being paid at 7,000 dollars and the remaining 8,000 dollars was used to pay down the principle amount reducing that to 142,000 and then their down payment when applied to the purchase lowered that to 138,500! this was also a Completely Upgraded and Remodeled Home!

    There are some rules to the process. Go to the NHS web site to review all the details and outline on how to qualify. In brief, the highlites are, you have to have a baseline credit score, have a pre approved loan, have money saved, have a maximum income limit and take an 8 hour course explaining the program and how to manage the costs of having a new home.

    You'll need to speak to a lender familiar with the process and I reccomend Angie Keene with Starboard financial. You can reach her at 480-220-5627 or angiejkeene@gmail.com

    This is a great program for buyers looking to get in to their first home.

    If you need help in purchasing a home and want to know more, reach out and contact me.

    The NHS office is in Central Phoenix.

    Go HERE to see a google map of the location. I work across the Valley and can be reached easily by phone or e mail to start you moving through the process. The folks there will greet you at the door and help you. You might ned to make an appointment to speak with a councilor.

    What are you waiting for!

    Stew Keene - Professional Realtor
    stewkeene@gmail.com | 480-220-7491
  • Staying Busy Selling Phoenix Real Estate

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Phoenix, Home Selling in Phoenix  |  May 18, 2012 8:15 AM  |  1,857 views  |  No comments
    Selling Real Estate In Phoenix and Scottsdale

    I haven't posted on Trulia for a while. I have kind of been neglecting the "Blog" stuff for a while but I have a good reason, I've been busy selling homes in Phoenix, AZ.

    Since I do so much hands on tratment of my clients (I'm not a fan of "High Volume Real Estate") I simply don't always have the time to Blog anywhere. But, today I caught a break so I though I'd step in and share with you what I've been up to.

    Recently, I helped a nice couple from Brazil find a beautiful modern architecture flat called "Safari" in Downtown Scottsdale neat the Fashion Square Mall. It's an amazing complex with underground parking, businesses and shopping, a pool, close to the riverwalk cannal and Fashion Square Mall, Restaurants and is very well managed and maintained. Average pricing is 500k to 1.5 million.

    All my interaction with these buyers was done over the internet and through web site searches. I actually took the time to do some walk through videos of the units and send them the link to view those. Not only did I do that for Safari, but I also previewed a nearby complex called Sage, 3rd Ave Lofts, Optima Camelview and a few more. I collected all the data, broschures, fliers and so on and mailed that to them. I met with the buyer on a short visit seeing all that was available, explaining the area and so on and after a dicsussion with his wife the decided to purchase in Safari.

    This doesn't just happen with passing a magic wand. The kind of effort it takes requires a lot of time, prompt response and dilligence. Purchasing a near 1 million dollar property takes a lot of trust also and I am proud of the fact that I convey that kind of confidence and that my buyers appreciate it.

    If you are looking for a home in the Phoenix metro area, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills or any other surrounding community or township know that I am here as your Buyers Realtor to represent you and comfortably guide you through the purchase process. I would love to help you and provide that same level of service just as I did for these fine people from Brazil.

    You can find me at www.stewkeene.com

  • A Great Resource Available for Free

    Posted Under: General Area in Phoenix, Home Buying in Phoenix, Property Q&A in Phoenix  |  December 7, 2011 3:49 PM  |  18,074 views  |  No comments
    Hi Everyone!

    I've been working pretty dilligently lately on my www.stewkeene.com updated web page design to bring it up to speed with more current information. If you haven't seen it in a while, you should check it out.

    There are a lot of good resources there like School Links, City Links, Buyers Education, Sellers Education, Short Sale Advice, Local Area Events and "Reel" Estate News Videos and a whole bunch more.

    Trulia has some great general resources too like the web based search, but I have found that many who are searching for homes in the area are looking for "Active" listings and that's where the Trulia experience ends, but I have the solutions.
    I actually provide a "Real Live Time" home search through my local area MLS which will eliminate the "AWC" or Short Sale homes under contract and show you only homes that are "truly" active. It's called the Free FLEX MLS Home Search and you can find that by clicking HERE. I also have provided 2 short videos on the search page describing how to use the search so that you will know right away how to use it easily. It's very empowering!

    More information is added daily and weekly to the web site so don't be shy, stop on by.

    Should you need anything more please know I am always here to assist you.

    Thanks so much!

    Stew Keene - Phoenix Real Estate Professional
  • Steve Jobs – A Brilliant Talent

    Posted Under: General Area in Phoenix, Tech Tips in Phoenix, Agent2Agent in Phoenix  |  August 25, 2011 8:59 AM  |  18,280 views  |  No comments

    We all admit that Steve Jobs Stepping Down as Apple CEO was going to happen some day and yesterday was that day. 

    Steve Jobs High School Year BookThose of us who follow Apple and the movements of Steve Jobs or look forward to hearing him at presentations of new Apple products know that Steve will be missed.

    Steve’s approach to business and his incredible insight to consumer needs and wants was uncanny and honestly almost profit like.

    I can only say, not knowing Steve Jobs personally, that I hoped he would be able to stay and play longer.  I’m sure he feels like a young man being called in from play time with his fiends and he wants to play longer.

    Steve Jobs passion and love for Apple and the products he helped envision and bring forward to us techies will keep effecting the world longer after Steve Jobs.

    The inevitability of Steve Jobs stepping down is a good example of what we all need to keep in mind.

    Eventually, we all have to step down.

    Steve Jobs and Apple have personally affected me in my real estate business here in Phoenix and I know that there are others who feel that same gratitude no matter what industry they are in. Look at the airlines and medical industries adopting use of the iPad.

    I would not dare to compare myself nor any other person I know to Steve Jobs, but I will say that regardless of what you do, if you work with or serve people in any capacity you can affect them in ways that you never imagined. I challenge you to try and lead the way Steve Jobs has.

    Thank You Steve Jobs and Apple and all of you fine people there who develop great new products for us and for providing an example of how to pass forward something from your life that positively affects people all over the world.

    We should all be so lucky. Life is short and so is our time here.

    How we spend it is up to us...

    Stew Keene - Phoenix Real Estate Professional

  • Why You Should Be Selling Your Phoenix Home…NOW!!!

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Phoenix, Home Buying in Phoenix, Home Selling in Phoenix  |  August 23, 2011 5:54 PM  |  3,662 views  |  2 comments

    Those of you who are not upside down on your homes and have thought about selling now is the time to do so...

     Why you ask? Well, let me tell you why. Inventories of homes have been drying up and that has people scrambling to buy. There is nothing but chatter across the internet between agents who are seeing the number of Foreclosure listings continually dropping and homes (single family homes) in desirable areas are becoming more difficult to find.

    That being said, According to ARMLS data analyst from the Cromford Report these current numbers indicate a coming economic recovery if the trends continue.

     Since supplies are low, then it would only stand to reason that demand is high and we as realtors are seeing that first hand with multiple counter offers due to competing bidders.


    If you have considered selling your home I would encourage you to enter the arena and put it on the market immediately while we still have low inventory. The competition is less and there is a much better opportunity for you to sell now.

    A couple things I recommend before listing the home. Check out the true market statistics for property valuation in your specific neighborhood. Too many time I have seen appraisals drawn from too far outside an area neighborhood that have provided a false indicator of pricing which could mean that you could not only be overpriced, but worse, you could be underpriced.

    Get organized with your home in presenting it to the market. A home in nice clean condition will always draw more interest than one that is in poor condition or unclean. If you have a dog or cat, inform the listing agent on just how you expect to handle visitors coming to the home to deal with the pets when you are not there.

    As a listing realtor, I always take into consideration the fact that people hire me to market their home professionally, show it to potential buyers and hold an open house once a month to at least get some foot traffic through the home.

    The photos should be of HD quality and a video should be included for the internet, preferably narrated (I do my own) There should always be a sign post in front of the property with a text, QR code and 800 number sign rider to tell people about the home who drive by.

    Click HERE to see an example of my Web Marketing I use that is unbelievably feature rich.

    There should be some nice printed color fliers on the counter in plain sight at all times and other information on your home like the schools, shopping and so on.

    If you live in an HOA, provide a copy of the CC&R’s for the listing agent to upload to the MLS listing documents section so the buyers can review them. Complete the Sellers Property Disclosure Report and have your listing realtor place that on the MLS for potential buyers to view as well. Remember, A Sellers Property Dicslosure is NEVER provided to a buyer when they are looking at a Foreclosed home. This is BIG and should never be overlooked!

    If you have things you are going to keep that are attached or unattached to the home, tell the listing Realtor what they are so that can be placed specifically in the MLS listing to disclose to the buyer you are keeping or reomving those personal items so there is no confusion as to what stays and what goes.

    Lastly, for cryin’ out loud use a licensed realtor that does the job and I mean the whole job, not just putting the listing on the MLS and calling it good.

    There is a lot to this in the early stages, but if you do things right it will always make things smoother.

    Good luck to you all out there and let me know of you are thinking about selling your home.

    I would love to help you,

    Stew Keene - Phoenix Real Estate Professional

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