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By Steve Adams | Agent in Austin, TX

5 Apps To Make You Feel Safer


With advancements in technology, your entire life has become available at your fingertips.  Everything from your address book to your day planner can be stored virtually on your phone.  However, phones can serve purposes greater than just your daily routine.  There are apps available that are practical, helpful, and can make you feel safer.

Anti-Virus – You may have anti-virus software on your computer or laptop at home, but you should also download it on your phone. You may think that your phone and your computer are completely different, but phones are becoming more and more like computers.  Everything you can do on a Mac or a PC, you can now do on an iPhone or an Android.  You can check email, browse the internet, and manage your bank accounts.  Download an anti-virus app and keep your personal information for your eyes only.  Browse your app stores for AVG, McAfee, Lookout Security, or Norton programs.  There are plenty out there to keep you safe.

Phone Locator/ Theft Prevention – While anti-virus apps can protect your information internally, phone locators can protect it externally.  What happens when you can’t find your phone, and after calling it numerous times, you remember you left it on silent?  Phone locator apps can emit a “scream” even when your phone is on silent so you can find it.  Plus, if your phone battery is about to die, these apps can save your phone’s last location so you can find your phone.  If your phone is stolen, these apps can of course help locate it and the culprit.  One highly rated phone finder, Lookout Security & Anti-Virus, is available on both Android and iOS and is an anti-virus in addition to a phone finder.

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS

Flashlight – Downloading a flashlight app is essential if you have a smart phone.  Dropped your keys?  Use your flashlight app to find them.  Need to maneuver around your bedroom without waking up your spouse? Use a flashlight app.  Want to read once you are in bed without waking up your spouse?  You know the answer.  These apps typically use the LED flash that your phone uses when you take pictures.  Be careful when using them though.  While they provide light when you need it, they can also drain your battery.  Be prudent when using them.  Search for flashlight in your app stores.  Most of these apps have the same functions.

Google Maps – Available on both Android and iOS, Google Maps can help you figure out where you are when you are lost.  As long as you have internet or data access, the app will be able to show you where you are.  You can also input the address of a destination into the app and use it as a GPS navigator.  This app is extremely helpful whether you are lost or just trying to find the quickest way to your hot date’s house.

For Android download: click here

For iOS download: click here

Home or Business Alarm System – If you tend to worry about your home or office when you are out and about, an alarm app might be what you need.  You can sync your security systems to your phone, allowing you to arm and disarm your alarm and receive updates on its activity.  With this kind of app, you can keep tabs on the things you care about.  One well-rated alarm app is Alarm.com and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

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As phone capabilities keep progressing, more and more apps can be used to help you feel safer.  Just make sure that you take the right steps to keep your phone safe too.

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