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By Steve Mangus | Agent in Oklahoma City, OK

Technology in Real Estate

Last week I got my new IPhone and I've been amazed at all the new features and how much faster this new phone is than my old IPhone. So with that in mind, yesterday was a great day to attend a seminar by Dick Betts regarding smartphones, tablets (would you believe Apple sells 28 IPads per SECOND?) and new technology trends in real estate. 7 hours later my head was swimming with QR codes, Vlingo, Red Laser, cloud technology, Dropbox, and many other apps and sites that were totally new to me.

In today's world by the time you contact me, you will have already been searching the internet for homes and neighborhoods. Technology is great--it saves us time and money but the personal element is still a crucial part of the home buying and selling experience. I'm doing my best to incorporate technology in my business to give you a great experience with the best possible results and the least amount of hassle. In the near future I'll share some of the most exciting things I learned and how it will make the business of real estate better for all of us, so be sure to check back next week to learn about how Red Laser works in real estate.


By Ron Thomas,  Fri Aug 19 2011, 15:06
Even in backwoods Fresno we have indoor plumbing and everything:
My ancient PALM will open lockboxes for me.
Will the IPhone do it too;
I need a new phone and thought i would be stuck with a blackberry.
please come back to me.
By Steve Mangus,  Sat Aug 20 2011, 09:53
Supra has an attachment for the IPhone that will allow you open Lockboxes, In fact, Monday I'm going to turn in my Supra key and use this new system. It will cost a one time $55 fee and then $22 per month. With the old Supra key it was $300 per yr pd in a lump sum. Your fees in Fresno may be more or less than ours. Hope this helps and good luck--keep me posted.......Steve
By Rick Jackson,  Mon Aug 22 2011, 12:53
The smart phone technology is wonderful. With most of them having gps, you can send text your client a link that will guide them to the listing you are showing them. I haven't had to use this yet, but it's good that you could.
By Castelazo Marketing Ltd.,  Mon Aug 22 2011, 15:46
Part of being successful is having the right tools. (After all, a five-star chef doesn’t stir his pots with splintered wooden spoons.) And because real estate agents are always on the go, having the right mobile technology is key. While there are, clearly, a huge number of really cool mobile technologies, I think that two are really must-haves: the iPad and the Smartphone.

The other day I went on a “ride-along” with one of our new real estate agent clients to get a sense of how he interacted with his buyers and sellers, where his expertise was, how we could brand him in the crowded marketplace. We met at the local Starbucks, where he was on his iPad making a few updates to his contact database. He then pulled up the Map app to find directions for where we were meeting the first prospect of the day.

After that first prospect meeting, the agent had a listing presentation. He had a nicely packaged book of materials to leave behind, but conducted the bulk of the presentation on his iPad, showing an example of the micro-website he could create for the sellers’ home and walking them through their market snapshot.
Clearly, the iPad was a big advantage for this agent, allowing him to do everything he would have done on his laptop, but in a much more compact, quick to power-up, user-friendly package.

Christene Honomichl, Marketing Specialist

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