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By Valnes Bell Realtors | Broker in Santa Monica, CA
  • Real Estate Agent in Santa Monica Answers All Your Questions

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Santa Monica, Home Buying in Santa Monica, Property Q&A in Santa Monica  |  April 13, 2011 8:17 AM  |  312 views  |  No comments
    Q. What do I need to know about selling a home right now?
    A. If you are a seller, the best thing you can do is price your property accurately!  You should hire an agent that does his/her research and truly knows the market.  Because of the tremendous opportunity out there right now for buyers, few people will give you a second thought if your property is way over-priced.
    Additionally, when you are preparing to sell your home, make sure your agent has a plan of action to get your home into tip-top condition so that it shows beautifully. Purchasing a home is a very emotional experience, so your goal is to make your potential buyers fall in love with your property. This may mean investing some money into staging, painting, or other small improvements, but trust me, it will pay dividends at the close of escrow.

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  • Santa Monica Real Estate Agent answers all your real estate questions

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Santa Monica, Home Selling in Santa Monica, Property Q&A in Santa Monica  |  April 12, 2011 12:59 PM  |  283 views  |  No comments

    Q. Is now a good time for flipping homes?
    A. Now is a great time for flipping homes if you have money, an approval letter, and a short sale savvy real estate agent on your team! The entire county is inundated with foreclosures and people in severe default of payments on their homes, and the west side of Los Angeles is no exception.  However, what does separate our great city from the rest is the fact that we also have a healthy  real estate market still thriving simultaneously.  This means that there is still a lot of money out there able to purchase real estate at market value.  For investors or people wanting to flip, this means you can go in there and swoop up a fabulous deal way below market price, do some minor or major fix-ups, and sell the same property for fair market value. This translates to cold hard cash--for you!

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  • Q&A with Sunset Park Realtors

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Los Angeles County, Financing in Los Angeles County, Property Q&A in Los Angeles County  |  April 11, 2011 2:19 PM  |  269 views  |  No comments
    Q. What is important to know about home buying in Santa Monica, Venice, and West Los Angeles right now?
    A. The most important thing to know about buying a home right now is the need for an approval letter from a lender!  If you are serious about buying then get yourself approved before you write an offer on a property because regulations right now are very strict and banks need to know you are qualified to buy. Saying "But I have great credit and money in the bank" is great, but it will not get you through escrow.  Get you approval letter ASAP if you really want to buy a property.

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  • Santa Monica’s Real Estate Q&A answered by Megan Valnes

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Los Angeles, Home Selling in Los Angeles, Property Q&A in Los Angeles  |  April 8, 2011 2:47 PM  |  253 views  |  No comments
    Q. How is the real estate market in Santa Monica doing?

    A. The real estate market in Santa Monica is experiencing two types of sellers right now: those that are in default of payments, meaning they are "short sales" and those who have equity in their home and are able to sell for a fair market value.  For buyers, this is great because there is a high inventory of excellent deals on condos, investment properties, and single family homes as well as a healthy market to accommodate "regular" home sales, sustaining property values.

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