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By Keshia Torruella | Agent in Jacksonville, FL
  • 6305 ECLIPSE CIR , JACKSONVILLE , FLORIDA ; 32258 Home for sale

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Jacksonville, Design & Decor in Jacksonville, Property Q&A in Jacksonville  |  February 10, 2012 7:38 AM  |  1,658 views  |  No comments

    $156,900 3 bedroom 2.5 bath/2 car garage

    Open House scheduled 2/11/12 9am-12pm

    With a wonderful Mediterranean facade, the beautiful architecture places you in another country. With beautiful windows and a circular entrance you will feel like your entering your own little castle.  The exterior is perfectly manicured to welcome your guest.  This great 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom attached home is a great buy in Bartram Park. It features a lavish master bath which includes a garden tub and separate shower an upgraded kitchen with 42'' cabinets, solid surface countertops and upgraded appliances. Enjoy low maintenance in this attached home in a gated community. With a resort style pool and onsite gym, this is the perfect place for you and your family. Call me for a showing.

  • Can Paint color Deter the sale of a home?

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Winter Garden  |  December 3, 2009 8:12 AM  |  633 views  |  1 comment

    Flower print wall paper, Canary yellow and Rose Red, may be your ideal wall color/covering, but it can scare away a buyer. Wallpaper, is making a comeback as an incredible alternative to paint. There are excellent textures like bamboo that can enhance a space. But dated wallpaper, can not only make a space feel drab, but also convey to a buyer that they have a lot of work to do to get the home “to their taste”. Loud and dark colors can be just as disinheriting when presenting a room. Always understand what color can convey.

    Color stimulates our senses and even changes our moods. Outgoing people feel happy with bold paint colors, while more shy people prefer the more passive, or subdued colors. By using a specific color combination in a color scheme, you can create a room that is welcoming and comfortable.

    Try not to use more than two main colors in a room, a main color and a trim color, or one color for three walls and another for an accent wall. One of the best ways to choose room paint colors that work together is to use a color palette available from your local paint store. Here's a general rule...the walls define the space of a room while colors define the mood you would like to present.

    Colors could be put into three main groups:

    • colors that can provide harmony and balance
    • colors that can uplift
    • colors that can relax

    For instance, light blue is tranquil, purple stands for power or royalty, while green is for nature. By the same token grays and blacks are subdued colors while yellow brings out happiness. Do we even need to say that red is the color of romance, per stylish room ideas.

    But what if you have white walls and you don’t want to invest in painting walls that will just be changed by the buyer. You can add color through art work and décor.

    Here is a child’s room that feels pretty drab and has no pizzazz!

    We chose fuchsia as the dominating color and set out to add more excitement by building around this color. We added color thorough custom art. If you’re not an artist that’s ok. First start with paint canvases. You can buy them for $5 to $20 from big lots. Choose a color and take a swash or anything that is the size of a quarter and have home depot or Lowes mix paint to match the color (the smallest that is available). Then Take that paint and paint the entire canvas that color, groups of three’s are very pleasing to the eye. We chose an oil paint and painted lines and balloons. But you can leave your canvas blank with just the color, or add circles or lines to evoke an artistic appeal.

    Then coordinate with decor that includes the color in your color scheme.

    Now you have added color to the wall without committing to color on the walls.

  • Can Home Staging really help sell your home?

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Ocoee  |  December 2, 2009 8:36 PM  |  522 views  |  4 comments

    Home Staging and Interior Design

    Understanding a room, and interpreting its use to convey the feeling of comfort, relaxation and sophistication is what staging means to me. When you come into a room and you have a connection, is what a home should give. Staging evokes such feelings as love, and possibilities, to which is why 94.8% staged homes sell on average within 37 days compared to the national average of 182 days. Staging is the edge that home sellers need to beat out their competition!

    Return on Staging Investment   
    The following is a summary of the results of HomeGain's national survey, based on the ten areas of home improvement identified by real estate agents in HomeGain's survey. They are listed from the highest to lowest returns on investment:

    We have the ability to not only complete the construction of your home such as Carpentry, Tile work, electrical, plumbing to name a few, but we can provide you with a professional that can provide Interior design experience as well as staging.

    When trying to sell your home in this market, we are all leary on investing money that we may not get back. SSI,Inc has the ability to give accurate estimates, to allow the customer to understand each option. SSI, Inc can provide consulting, completing a walk through and providing a report detailing what should be done to make your home sell. This report comes complete with drawings color samples and a guide to “do it yourself”, or you can hire us to complete the job for you. We will establish a budget and work from there.

    The Report Includes some of the following:

    Rendered Elevations and plans


  • A children’s room makeover

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Ocoee  |  November 16, 2009 7:03 AM  |  530 views  |  2 comments

    Spruce up a room with old furniture and dull feel with color. Adding color and patterns to furniture can really make a room pop for a buyer. The key to staging a home is to show off the possibilities as well as creating a feel of being need and desire! When you incorporate special themes in your home, you can create an oasis that the average buyer can’t live without. Check out the slide show below, we took the old dated furniture and added flowers and stripes and organized the room so that the good use of space was evident in the room.

    Click here for the slideshow

    If you need help organizing a room please send me pictures or ask me questions, and maybe I can pass along some good ideas.

  • Turn your bathroom into a hotel retreat.

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Ocoee  |  November 9, 2009 12:03 PM  |  539 views  |  2 comments

    With life, we tend to do things that are easy for us, and the things that make sense are usually what we rely on. But can you remember walking into a hotel room and how the feel of the room made you overcome with relaxation, the placement of the furniture the chocolates on the bed, just the pure organization of the room made you feel good. Managing to keep your home looking like a vacation oasis, probably doesn’t make sense. But what if I could show you how to bring that feeling home. Think about the things that made the room feel good. My husband and I went to a hotel in St Augustine, and when we entered the room, there was a slow hum of jazz on the radio, the furniture was this antique wrought Iron with a big fluffy comforter and 8 larger pillows, and we fell onto the bed and got lost in the sheets.  We went to the bathroom and it was filled with water and oils and roses the sweet smell filling the room. There was even a basket full of towels and oils that you would find at an exquisite spa. I was in heaven!!

    I want to show you how you can create that same affect. This will especially help those of you that have your homes on the market!

    Clutter can leave a very uneasy sense of things not being complete, so the first thing we want to do is get the bathroom organized. For $1.00 at Big Lots, you can get storage baskets, and place them as such; one for make ups, one for Hair products, one for cleaning products etc.

    You can pull the basket out, use your products then place them back under the cabinet. This not only clears the counter tops, it keeps the bathroom looking neat, and so that potential buyers aren’t focusing on your hair products or tooth paste.

    Once you place everything neatly under the cabinets, then you have room to begin creating your spa. Candles are always nice, and the can not only create a mood, but look incredible next to the sink. Try Ross, they have several different type of candle holders as in expensive as $4.99, then also look through there bathroom coordinates; you can buy towels and tooth brush holders and soap dispensers for less than $10 per set. Think of a color and theme and coordinate around that. I chose Chocolate and Teal green, I went to the dolor store and bought several “spa” like pieces, such as oils, and wicker shoes, back massagers and sponges, I also painted a tile to give it and authentic look and created a basket.

    Once you have completed this, you can enjoy a daily spa treatment as well as keeping your bathroom organized and staged for potential buyers

    Check out my Blog for more design tips

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