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Melissa Lichtman's Blog

By Melissa Lichtman | Agent in Staten Island, NY

Real Estate Sales and Loss Mitigation, Short Sales and Foreclosures

In my experience within the last year boy has resale changed, most homeowners now selling because of economic distress trying to find the way to emotionally help your sellers get through this difficult process and loss can be a big task at hand.

As a Realtor in Staten Island NY, I work as a BPO vendor and a Home Retention Consultant as well as in sales. On a daily basis I see homes that are being lost due to honest economic distress and or just negligence on the homeowner or investors part. I see scams that I cannot believe by some and I see sadness and loss in families trying to live out a dream that cannot go any further due to trying situations. Being educated in helping these homeowners is key. There are so many options and programs available at this time to help homeowners that sometimes what they think is impossible is actually quite POSSIBLE!!

I chose my career as a Realtor at first because of the flexible hours and the fact that this is a profession not just a job. Staying educated and being constantly on top of market and industry updates also fueled my thirst for this career choice. I do love to learn and improve myself on a daily basis. Although I did not like school much as a child, learning more and more about this industry in all facets at this time is something I truly enjoy.

Upon my first contact with a seller the biggest question to ask is WHY? why are you selling and if it is because of distress I will help a homeowner save their home before trying to help them sell it. It is my goal to always keep a homeowner in their home if that is their choice. I find great joy and a tremendous sense of accomplishment doing this. For me there is no price tag on helping someone achieve their ultimate goals and dreams. The downside of this though is that sometimes there is no way too help some homeowners out of what has already transpired to cause their situation.

Working with buyers as well can prove to be hard at this time due to strict mortgage guidelines. Here also knowledge and education about what is necessary to fulfill a home buyers expectations financially and emotionally is key.    

I did not realize when I entered this career that "emotion" was such a huge part of this profession, in some cases detaching yourself from these "emotions" even as a professional is difficult. Real Estate was at once considered just a business financial decision or investment. This is just not true at this point in time anymore.

To hold one's hand through this process at this time now involves a true dedication constant education and superior knowledge of what is "REALLY" going on in the entire Real Estate industry from start to finish!!!!

People ask are you always working?? and I could say yes because it does seem to others that I always am, but when you love what you do it does not feel like work!!!!

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding a career in Real Estate or any home buying or selling needs :) If your home is already listed please consider a superior and dedicated professional if your expectations are not being met....

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