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By Lonny Miller | Agent in 60611
  • Lonny Miller, #1 Short Sale Realtor in Chicagoland, 1,000% FREE

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    You have found your Short Sale Expert in Chicago !!

    If you are considering a Short Sale anywhere in the Chicago you need read below and contact us to discuss your options. Call us anytime: 847-347-4666. We're on YOUR side !!!

    We are the #1 Short Sale Realtor Group serving Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs. We are the short sale expert that you should call to get the job done !!  Pay ZERO for our service and walk away from your underwater home owing ZERO to all banks and lien holders.

    If you are even considering a short sale, you need an expert ! Lonny is a short sale specialist !! Please call to discuss your options. We could write on this website forever but the best way to get informed and understand your options is to speak to a short sale expert. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the connections to get the deal done.

    If you are doing a short sale then YES the short sale Realtor service is FREE to you as is the short sale Attorney service and all costs associated with selling your home. Whether you are short selling a home, short selling a condo, short selling a multi-family property, it is all FREE for you.

    A few quick questions answered:

    What is a Short Sale ? A Short Sale is when a homeowner sells their home for less than what they owe and the bank accepts the lesser value as satisfaction of the loan.

    What if I am not sure what my home is worth? Our experienced short sale negotiator can help you find out what your home is worth. Real estate decisions are best made with qualified answers and the knowledge of a short sale realtor on your side.

    Is there a chance I have equity ? Maybe. We can offer you a competitive market analysis and show you if a short sale is appropriate, or if a regular sale is the better choice. This is 100% FREE to you.

    Who pays the real estate commission ? The BANK.

    Do I need an attorney ? Who pays for that ? Yes. The BANK. We have great attorneys we work with so you don’t need to find your own.

    What if the bank does not agree on the offer price ? We negotiate with the bank and the buyer to find a price that works for everyone. If we can’t agree and the deal does not get completed, you are NOT LIABLE for ANY fees. Period.

    Is it difficult to qualify for a short sale ? NO. There are many ways to qualify for a short sale. Being nervous or scared that the bank will say ‘no’ to you doing a short sale should not even be a concern for you.

    What are the major advantages of a short sale ? A short sale is far better for your overall credit score than a foreclosure. A short sale is not part of the public record, a foreclosure is. Your credit will repair much faster if you do a short sale than if your home goes all the way to foreclosure. We work tirelessly to ensure that all deficiencies and debts related to the home will be 100% erased at the short sale closing. With a foreclosure, you can be held liable for all costs, mortgages, liens, and debts.

    Can I stay in my house until the short sale is completed? YES. You get to stay in the home, mortgage and tax free, until the closing date.

    A Short Sale is a good option to explore if:

    Your home is worth less than what you owe the Bank and/or Banks
    You are behind on your mortgage payments
    You are considering a strategic default
    You need to sell your property fast and are unsure of the value

    If your home is worth LESS than what you owe the bank, the time is NOW. Call us today to learn about your OPTIONS.

    Call Lonny: 847-347-4666

    Thanks !


    Lonny Miller

    Realtor @ Charles Rutenberg Realty
    Serving Chicago and Suburbs
    ph 847-347-4666
    fax 847-737-1436

    'Helping Sellers of Short Sales Throughout Chicagoland'

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