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By Sheri Bulgatz & Jayne Pittman | Agent in Huntsville, AL

Color Choices That Will Help You Sell!

Color is an aspect of life from which we cannot escape, and influences each person’s actions and emotions, however subtle.

  • Oceans, plants, rocks and animals radiate color in nature.
  • Chefs pay special attention to color arrangements at gourmet restaurants.
  • Marketers give products a certain image through the colors used on their packaging and in advertisements
  • Restuarants use color to limit how long a patron might stay in the restaurant

Since buying a home is an emotion driven decision, wouldn't it make sense to use color to elicit a positive emotional response? Wouldn't you want a buyer to feel upon entering your home that they just took a stroll down the beach on a beautiful day rather then assaulted by a pack of angry crayons?

We often hear comments such as these from our sellers:

1. "Whoever buys our house can paint or recarpet any color they want, so therefore, we just don't want to spend the money."

2. "People can just use their imagination. They will see all the wonderful things our house has to offer."

Just like bad hair dye can make a beatiful person appear much less attractive, poor color choice can do the same for the home. The wrong color choice can elicit a very negative response from buyers and limit their ability to see the positives. They will either expect a discount for having to repaint or simply walk away.

Here are a few colors we like to use when working with our seller clients:

1. Sherwin Williams - Kilim Beige (SW 6106)

2. Valspar - Hopsack (3003-10B)

Both these colors are very neutral and light, but dark enough to contrast trim and windows so that the trim work stands out.

Good luck, and please feel free to call with any questions!



By Carol Jacobs,  Wed May 1 2013, 12:02
All great points and its something we've all heard before with sellers. It's best to tell the seller that they want to give the buyer something to work with, not something they'll run away screaming from.

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