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By Sheena Saydam | Agent in District of Columbia
  • Several Fed Agencies Moving into Montgomery County in 2011

    The Gazette reports a fantastic array of federal government and other commercial interests moving to Montgomery County this year. Check out some of the highlights below and the complete list here.

    • The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is seeking to move into another location in or near Bethesda to replace offices rented at 6701 and 6707 Democracy Blvd. The agency said it is seeking to take advantage of the soft real estate market.

    • The GSA also is likely to lease an additional 70,000 square feet or so in Bethesda for the department of Health & Human Services, which already signed a pair of leases along Wisconsin Avenue last year.

    • In Shady Grove, construction has begun on a two-building complex for the National Cancer Institute on Johns Hopkins University's Montgomery County campus as part of the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center.

    • Next to the White Flint Metro station, construction has begun on a 14-story office tower that will expand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission complex. When completed in 2012, 350 more workers will occupy the 362,000-square-foot space.

    • The Montgomery County Planning Board has begun work on developing a master plan for a new East County Science Center that would leverage growth in the Route 29 corridor fueled by the 610-acre Federal Research Center at White Oak and other projects.

    • After years of discussion by Montgomery county officials, the planning department released a 26-page study that envisions a massive mixed-use growth area stretching along Route 29 from the Beltway north to Cherry Hill Road.

    • Adventist HealthCare plans to build a hospital and medical campus on almost 50 acres along Plum Orchard Drive. The new master plan will also examine the future of the 47-acre National Labor College property on New Hampshire Avenue, several vacant properties on U.S. 29, and the White Oak and Hillandale shopping centers.
  • Don't Be a Victim of Crime

    Posted Under: General Area in District of Columbia, Crime & Safety in District of Columbia, In My Neighborhood in District of Columbia  |  November 19, 2010 1:41 PM  |  583 views  |  No comments
    The Montgomery County Department of Police recently released some smart advice on how you can stay safer in your home. Check it out:

    • Install good quality deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and any doors from attached garages and consistently use those locks.

    • Even during mild temperatures when it is particularly pleasant to leave windows open, all first floor windows should be locked.

    • The use of blinds and curtains decrease visibility from outside into your home.

    • Door areas should all be well lighted and the use of motion detector lights is also beneficial.

    • Trim back trees and shrubs near windows and doors that could provide a hiding place while someone is making illegal entry.

    • Never leave a house key under a mat, in the mailbox, under a flower pot, or above your door.

    • Always lock the house door from an attached garage and keep garage doors closed and locked.
    • It is safer to remove valuables from your car, but never leave any items visible inside a car, even one parked inside your garage. Make certain that a garage remote door opener can not be seen.

    • Keep ladders and tools inaccessible.

    • Record all serial numbers of electronic items, and keep a list of all credit card numbers. Keep a printed copy of that information available.

    • Use a safe deposit box or safe to store valuable papers, seldom used jewelry, and collector coins.

    • Keep purses and wallets in your bedroom, and never leave them near a front or kitchen door.

    • Report anything even potentially suspicious to police (301-279-8000). Never be afraid that you are bothering police, let officers decide whether someone or something poses a danger.

    • If you witness what you think may be a burglary, immediately call 911 and tell the police what you are observing. Please don’t make the first call to a neighbor or family member – make it to the police.

    • If you should happen to confront a burglar, don’t try to stop him, flee and seek help.

    • A front door key can be kept in the homeowner’s bedroom. If the home is broken into while you are there, it can be tossed out a window to enable responding officers to make quick entry.

    • If you return to your home and discover that it has been burglarized, don’t touch anything, get out, and call police from another location.

    • Consider investing in a home surveillance system that provides camera coverage of your home and property.

    • Neighbors should get to know one another and organizing a Neighborhood Watch group can increase everyone’s safety.

    • Community members should join established community list serves and make certain that those list serves are connected with their local police district stations.

    Stay safe and pass this on!

  • Prince George's County Rings in Fall!

    Posted Under: General Area in Prince George's County, Home Buying in Prince George's County, In My Neighborhood in Prince George's County  |  October 28, 2010 7:29 AM  |  639 views  |  No comments

    Prince George's County is a happening place! Over the next week, they've got dozens of fun activities running for adults and children. From jazz to haunted campfires to a meet and greet with  "American Girl" author, Valerie Tripp, there's something for everyone.

    Check out the community calendar here!
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