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By Shawna Gibson | Agent in Minneapolis, MN

I Saw Nora Ephron Last Night

I'm starstruck.  I admit it.  Last night Nora Ephron was the guest at Talking Volumes at the Fitzgerald theater and I am so happy I was in there.  So far today, I keep saying to myself, "I talked to Nora Ephron...NORA EPHRON...!"   And then, "I have pictures on my phone of Nora Ephron..."  This, after all, is the woman who is a writer/director/filmmaker/journalist/screenwriter/author with credits like Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia, When Harry Met Sally, Heartburn, Silkwood, You've Got Mail, and more.  I think I'm right to be starstruck.

Last month, I joined the Kerri Miller Book Club as a part of my membership of Minnesota Public Radio.  As an incentive to join, Kerri offered the Eprhon ticket to new members.  I had wanted to be a part of this group for a long time, and the chance to get a ticket was the push I needed.

I wrote down a bunch of things Nora said.  She is so witty and funny - and dry.  She has a reputation for being intimidating - but I couldn't disagree more.  One comment she made was that "parent's heads are full of the opinions they want you to have." 

In addition to making fun of herself and talking about her newest book, I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections, she also talked about the many incredible actors she has worked with.  She told a great story about Meryl Streep that took place as Nora was writing Julie & Julia:  She had thought about Meryl for the role of Julia Child but she wasn't sure if Streep was the best person for the job ("I was wrong about that," she said).  She ran into Meryl and told her she was writing a screenplay about Child and apparently Meryl went right into the character.  It was then Nora realized that Meryl would be perfect.  What she told us about Streep was, "She's everything you think she is.  She's that great."

Book Club members went downstairs after the show to have a glass of wine with Kerri Miller.  I'm also completely starstruck by Kerri, just as an FYI.  About 45 minutes later, guess who joins us?  Yep, Nora Ephron.  It was so cool.  She is standing around with us, talking about getting old.  She is 69 and said "old" isn't until 80.  Someone said, "You look great...you're even wearing leather pants!"  Nora replied, "Yeah, they are leather.  But they have an elastic waistband."

And that, as I found out firsthand, is classic Nora Ephron.

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