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By Shawn Shay | Mortgage Broker
or Lender in Los Angeles, CA

The Role of West Hollywood Real Estate Agent

Why would a buyer or seller of West Hollywood home need a real estate agent? What makes a West Hollywood agent stands out from others?

 Traditionally if you are a buyer looking for a home, you would need an agent to find the homes that fit your criteria and show them to you. Now these days with online tools and search sites, you really don’t need someone to find a home for you. However, if you are a buyer you would need a West Hollywood real estate agent to know the area, get you a comparable, have your best interest when making an offer and of course guide you through inspections, loan contingencies and escrow process.

For sellers, that’s a little different. There are some sellers that want to keep their costs down and don’t really understand or appreciate the role that a real estate agent plays in selling their homes. These are usually FSBO sellers or For Sale by owners that think they can handle the marketing and know more about the real estate process than an agent. That could be true for some but most West Hollywood home sellers don’t have any idea what goes on when selling a home. Most FSBO sellers won’t be able to effectively market and sell their homes. But it’s not just marketing the property, negotiating an offer or making sure you have all the necessary disclosures which are all essential and incredibly important for real estate transaction. But what if there’s a problem during escrow? Do you want to turn to your advisor that you trust and figure out what to do? Or do you want to do your own research and take hours of your time figuring out the right solutions and get frustrated along the way? There are a lot of things that an experienced West Hollywood real estate agent would know and can do to avoid opening escrow with problematic buyer or situations. So the bottom line is that isn’t your time worth more by focusing on your business and let a professional handle selling your home? It’s like filing your taxes. There are free software and applications out there and honestly, I personally can definitely figure out how to file my taxes as complicated as my tax situation is right now but my time is worth more doing what I know best and I pay my CPA to take care of my taxes.

For those FSBO sellers or do it yourself sellers, do you really want to take calls after calls from real estate agents and buyers? Is it worth your time to go through the frustration of the phone calls and handling escrow without knowing your legal and contractual obligations?

Now we have solutions for both West Hollywood home buyers and sellers. For buyers that like to do their own searches and identify the homes they like, we can represent them and help them purchase their own. In return, we refund 50% of our buyer commission in form of buyer cash rebate at the close of escrow. And for those sellers that care about cost and want to keep their costs down while get the best service and sell their home through a professional, we can sell your West Hollywood home or property with 3.5% total commission for most homes. A traditional West Hollywood realtor charges 5%-6% of purchase price however with our listing service; you will save about 1.5%. For example, for home with a sale price of $1M, a traditional realtor will charge you $50K. However, with our services, you will save $15K in realtor fees and receive the best marketing and selling service.


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