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By Shannon Milligan | Agent in Richmond, VA

The Kindness of a Stranger - I LOVE Richmonders!

The Kindness of a Stranger - I LOVE Richmonders!

Yesterday started off full of promise. I took a day off work to celebrate Memorial Day with my favorite Vet, my husband, and my two kids. We had a lot to accomplish during the day in preparation for a small BBQ that evening. Amazingly, we were all up, dressed, and ready to go by 10am. (Not easy in this house!)

After I finished buckling the kids into their car seats, I went to turn on the car to get the air conditioning on full blast. (We have been having some scorchers in Richmond as of late!) The minute I put the key in and turned it, my car started for a second and then...Nothing. Hubby evaluated the situation and with the help of a fellow neighbor (kindness number 1) we were jumped and heading off to run our errands.

As we went places, we left the car running to make sure the battery was charging. After about 2 hours we decided it would be safe to turn off the car and head in to Target. Once we finished shopping, we headed out to the car and....Nothing! There we were stuck at Target in the humid Richmond heat with no alternative but to call a tow truck. As I turned to head back into the store with the kids to call a tower, I yelled to my husband what I was doing. In that moment a woman turned around and threw her keys to my husband and said "here you go. I have to run into the store, but go ahead and try to jump your car with mine. I will be right back." (kindness number 2)

My husband and I stood there. Stunned. Did this stranger really just throw us keys to her SUV and walk into the store? Yes. Yes she did. My husband started to go after her and say he couldn't do that, but I stopped him and said to get jumping! Sure enough, we were able to get the car started and we waited for her to return. I offered to buy her coffee, but she declined and said she was happy to help. She went on her merry way and we went to Napa to get a battery!

Once we were at Napa, we were treated with even more Southern Hospitality as cashiers helped my husband install the new battery on site. (kindness number 3) It wasn't in their job description to do it, but it was in their hearts.

I was very proud to call Richmond home and Richmonders friends yesterday. Now, to pay it forward. Not sure if I will just toss someone my keys (seriously, that took GUTS), but I will be on the look out for an opportunity to give back. To all those who helped us on our little journey yesterday, I have one word: Karma. May you all experience the goodness you deserve!

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By Barbara A. Reagan,  Tue May 31 2011, 18:13
Shannon - that is a great post and a great way to show everyone how great Richmonders are! I have lived in many places - Atlanta, Miami, Houston, north Jersey and grew up in a city outside of Philadelphia - and I don't think in any of those cities, anyone would have gone above and beyond like everyone did for you yesterday! Congratulations on having a great Memorial Day holiday after all!

Barbara Reagan
By Shannon Milligan,  Thu Jun 2 2011, 07:33
Thanks Barbara! I just love the people here in our area!
Hope you had a great holiday as well! (I did...spent it with some other fabulous RIchmonders!)

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